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Found 82 results

  1. Dying Breed Exile

    Hello all! Have you struggled to find a stable, new, and interesting Arma server for you and your friends? Well today I am here to bring an upcoming server to your attention. Our server is a heavily customized version of the popular Arma 3 Exile mod. We seek to bring you a thrilling PvP experience, with the systems in place to allow for equally good PvE. Be it scavenging through towns, taking down an AI compound, raiding a nearby base, or just getting into a firefight on Chernarus’ North-West Airfield, we hope to meet all of your needs in an Arma server. Here is a list of features that truly define our server as unique from any other: -Custom starting gear, starting tabs, UI, and other XM8 Apps -Spawn a bike or quad to help you get where you are going using a simple roll of duct tape! -Simple, yet immersive player areas -A well-balanced combination of low and high powered gear available from all traders -Loot tables that will help you get into the action as quick as you’d like -Massive AI Island mission coming soon -Highly effective systems in place to keep the server load as low as possible -A great community that openly accepts any player or group of players -Lastly, the incredible list of mods we offer (see below) Required mods: - Exile Mod - Base building/Traders/Economy - A2OP - Implements Arma 2 objects - Open Chernarus Project with JBAD - Adds enterable buildings to Chernarus - RHSUSAF - Adds US Military weapons/vehicles - RHSAFRF - Adds RU Military weapons/vehicles Optional Mods: - Arma Enhanced Movement - Climb buildings, hop walls, and flank enemies - Advanced Urban Rappelling - Allows for rappelling in combination with Enhanced Movement - Blastcore Edited (standalone version) - Improved explosion visual effects - JSRS4Apex - Enhanced sound files for most weapons/vehicles We look forward to seeing you on the server and if you need any help please feel free to speak up in global chat.
  2. Bonjour à vous j'aimerai ajouter uniquement des spawns zombies que sur l'ile du nord ouest . j'ai besoin de vos avis sur la question . Merci d'avance
  3. [FR] CrazyWorld PVE

    Serveur Français PVE
  4. So I've been thinking about this. Since I have roaming AI and such on my server, and I want it to be PvE, I would like to know if it's possible to make a floating playername over other players, so they can see they're friendly. Should be viewable out to 400m, but smaller the further it is away. Does anyone have a script like this?
  5. We are A Husband and Wife server owner. We are experienced with other game servers, We need a Experienced Admin to help us get our server running smoothly and correctly. We are Looking for a Head Admin right now the server has, DMS mission system with roaming AI, Cup. Units, Vehicles, Wepons, Also have easy trader (though it has serious issues. Our server is hosted on HavockHost its a 40 slot server with a performance upgrade. I would Ideally like a community PVE server. please help Arma exile is a whole different beast
  6. SoRM Gaming has a fully loaded PvE Exile Server. Lot's to do and fun to be have. If you just enjoy playing games, and having fun feel free to check us out! We have added lots of fun content looking for more people to join in on the fun. SoRM Gaming Website Feel free to message me on here or on steam ( Dragon [SoRM] )

    [EOS] iSLAND OF THE DEAD! - Arma 3: DayZ Tanoa Website: 100% compatible with A3Launcher. Client Mods: ExileMod 1.0.2, FRENZIED MOD PACK , NIArms v.7, SM_Zombz, ALTIS POLICE SPECIAL UNIT Server Features: - Hardmode Exile: * No third person mode in combat * Structure integrity/materials affecting the ability to construct tall buildings * Difficult AI * Easy to get easy loot, very hard to get good loot - rewarding obstacles to get unique loot * ISLAND OF THE DEAD with zombies, hardcore mission(s) and very high-end gear (people come there to die) - Base raiding: * By using an electric saw (lootable) and batteries (lootable) you can saw yourself through doors (requires a certain amount of attempts). * By using a laptop (lootable) you can attempt to hack a safe to steal its contents (laptop can be destroyed in the process, and the hack takes time, during which the hack attempt is announced on the server) * You can also hack the virtual garage and steal people's vehicles * By using special explosives (normal Exile mechanic) - Server events: * Challenging missions * Static military sites * Capture points * Helicopter crash sites * Dynamic AI events - Fun features: * Configurable status bar * Parachute from heights without carrying a parachute! (á la A2E) * Virtual garage (Store vehicles inside a virtual garage) * Towing using ropes and in-game physics! * A very sexy admin!
  8. Shootex&Allu's|Tanoa|PVE|

    Shootex&Allu's no pvp server, our map is Tanoa. What are our features? No pvp Admin events and or mini games once a week Roaming AI, Missions, Towing, zombies, zombie missions and more. Mods: RHSUSAF, RHSRAFRF, BAF equipment, units, vehicles & weapons, CUP Vehicles, Weapons, & Units, Ryan Zombies, RZ Infection,CDH Crafting, CBA, Extended Base Mod
  9. Old Guys Gaming Exile Reborn PvE

    This is for players who want that extra challenge as well as standard AI there are zombies that roam the server with a varity of different events to keep players on thier toes. This means that you are nearly never safe and even walking around your base may become dangerous.
  10. Old Guys Gaming PvE

    Arma 3 Pve Altis It is OGG's longest standing PvE server. It strives to on being a challenge for experienced players and also helping new players to learn the game. The AI on the server are constantly changing to give the players that extra little challenge. It gives players a chance to join the general group so they are able to work with other players to help take down a varity of missions ranging from easy to very hard.
  11. TRG Hardcore Zombies

    TRG Hardcore Zombies is hosting under Thailand Roleplay Gaming community in Thailand. Our Exile server is highly hardcore by limiting the player in first person with a stripped features of Exile that breaks the immersion. Loots is rare and the zombies is unforgiving with the 100% infection chance when hit. Join our community and survive the day!
  12. Fudgemonkee

    We run a pve server but the missions and ai are set to extreme. Obviously not being able to kill other players will put a lot of players off but we do have a fully militarised server. Yes you can buy tanks if you like.
  13. [SWISS/GER]Exile PVE Vietnam

    [SWISS/GER]Exile PVE Vietnam Server neeed @unsung@extendedbase
  14. Killin Zedz Chernarus Reborn

    Location: Dallas, TX USA - Excellent location for much of the US and Europe Complete server details: REQUIRED MODS To join the server, you need the following mods: Exile CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains Maps Zombies and Demons Z-Hunters CBA A3 CUP Weapons Extended Base Mod Server Description The Killin Zedz server is based on the Exile Reborn mod by JohnO. Exile Reborn is a highly customized version of Exile with the following features: Player vs Environment (PVE): Our server is PVE, so take it easy. Player names appear over their head when you aim at them. Zombies: Custom coded zombies, all walkers, including hordes. Each zombie has a chance to spawn with a vest and backpack with items and random poptabs. Bandit AI: Bandit headhunter groups stalk a random player on the map. Bandits also drive around the map in vehicles and fly overhead. The helicopter has a chance to drop air assault troops on the players. Friendly AI: Survivor AI wander the map wearing the bambi coveralls. You can try to ask them to join you, but if they refuse, they will become hostile and attack you. Increase your chances of successfully recruiting a friendly AI, bribe them. Even if you don't try to recruit them, they will engage zombies and bandits. Missions: Missions are not marked, but they are out there. Occasionally, a marker will be placed in the style of a player marking the map. These missions include a town invasion style mission, with a large number of AI in a town, a crashed vehicle or a vehicle drop. The vehicle drop includes a fully functioning vehicle you are free to take after killing off the AI. Searching AI and zombies may reveal the coordinates of missions. You can also hack comm towers with a laptop to find mission locations. Dynamic events: Two fighter jets fly around the map, trying to shoot each other down. When one is successful, the plane crashes and you can get loot in the form of military items, including a flight suit, helmet and more. Supply crates are periodically dropped at the airfields and may contain useful items. Earthquakes will shake you up. Be careful during one, as buildings can collapse from them. Jet fly overs also exist, where a single jet flies over head. Persistent wrecks: You'll find vehicle wrecks scattered around the world. They are persistent, always in the same location. There's a small chance of finding a bag of poptabs laying on the ground near them. Bambi traders: There are three bambi traders along the coast of the map. These traders sell some minor items that will be of help to the bambi player. Starting loadout and poptabs: All players spawn with a random outfit and minor loot. New players start with 5000 pop tabs in their locker. Custom traders: You won't find these traders anywhere else. They are 100% custom made. Lockers can be found at all traders except for the bambi and boat traders. Medlcal system: You can be knocked out and you can bleed to death. Your wounds can become infected and must be cured with water and Vishprin using the XM8 app. Temperature system: Freeze to death or die of heat exhaustion! Monitor your temperature. You can warm up at one of the camp fires found at most of the traders. No safe zones: None of the traders are safe. Make sure you kill off any zombies or bandits you find there. Respect levels: Level up as you gain respect. Higher levels affect how fast your hunger and thirst deteriorates, increases your healing rate and increases your chance of finding intel. Wages: Players earn a wage, this is a small amount but can increase with your level Simulation manager/custom cleanup: Every AI spawned, every supply drop, object or mission related event item is tied to my custom simulation manager for performance and cleanup. Does this server sound interesting? Please come by and check us out. If you have suggestions for the server, please post on our forums at We also have a Discord voice server. Join it via the web at VIDEOS
  15. Bonjour à tous, Etant Streamer, j'ai fait le tour de pas mal de serveur, mais j'ai finalement louer un serveur Nitrado afin d'avoir mon propre serveur Exile correspondant à mes besoins, je joue principalement en PVE avec un groupe d'amis. Le soucis, c'est que je galère pas mal dans le paramétrage, entre dé-compilation, re-compilation de PBO c'est chaud. J'ai désactivé le Battleye mon serveur étant privé. Actuellement, seul DMS et Advanced Towing fonctionne, je voudrais ajouter d'autres mods comme des patrouilles IA (A3XAI ou A3 Exile occupation) , le Advanced Sling Tow (corde pour hélico), la statutbar (en bas de l'écran pour voir son argent, santé, et tous le reste) et éventuellement un script pour faire revivre son coéquipier. Donc, voilà je cherche quelqu'un qui pourrait m'aider car je ne connais pas trop les mods et leur particularité, des réglages de base comme ralentir le temps. A+
  16. [EU] Miri's Exile PVE | Tanoa |

    Mods required: Exile mod (1.0.2) RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation RHS: United States Armed Forces Extended Base Mod Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Sling Loading Arma Enhanced Movement Arma Enhanced Movement: Exile pbo Ryan's Zombies and Demons Addons and script: Every 3 hour Server restart Contaminated island -> PVP Island ( removed contamination ) PVE PVP Events + Loot AI missions Roaming AI Heli Crashes Lifting & Towing Hard AI Safe Zone Traded City's With and without Save Zone's Infistar Exile Custom Missions
  17. The Fluffy Basement

    'The Fluffy Basement' is a hardcore PVE survival based Arma 3 Exile server based in Ireland, free for all to play. We are a small group of friends who love and play this game regularly. Our goal is to create a realistic, hardcore, survival Exile server and at the same time create an intense and captivating gaming experience.
  18. The Fluffy Basement

    'The Fluffy Basement' is a hardcore PVE survival based Arma 3 Exile server based in Ireland, free for all to play. We are a small group of friends who love and play this game regularly. Our goal is to create a realistic, hardcore, survival Exile server and at the same time create an intense and captivating gaming experience.
  19. Chernarus Exile PVP/PVE

    The best of old school Chernarus with Extended Base Mod and plenty of missions and bandits, just looking for the PVP portion. That's you! Super laid back admins, just ask for Taco or Alex.
  20. [GER] Line Gamer PVE Exile Altis

    Der Neue Arma 3 Exile Server von Line Gamer ist Online! Gespielt wird auf der Map Altis. Dies ist ein PVE Server!! (Für Spieler, die PVE nicht kennen: Kein Spieler Kill !!! es dürfen nur Ai´s ( Bots) gekillt werden! ) Einfach mal testen und Joinen, wir wünschen euch viel Spaß!
  21. Nerexis Exile Chernarus PVP&PVE

    Thanks, please read server information: Server Name in game: NEW|Nerexis Exile PvP|PvE|FPS|5K|Tow|Revive|Rearm|Missions|Vector|Raid|ZCP|DMS|Realism MODS: CUP + CBA A3 + Hollows Vehicle Pack 2.1 (HVP 2.1) Description: This server is aimed to provide realistic style of gameplay, with RPG additions to it. We focus on both infantry and vehicle based combat + balanced economy. Thanks to economy, we will be able to provide logical, where you will be able to engage in PVP activities – conquer enemy base, fight for resources etc. To increase default Exile realism, server will use 3rd party scripts, and self developed modifications. For example, I have currently implemented realistic ‘fall down’ behavior after unit is hit with bullet. Server Features: Dynamic (DMS) and Capture Points (ZCP) Missions + few by server devs PVP Towing Status Bar Revive using defibrillator (available in shop) Rearming and refueling Military vehicles, with balanced prices adjusted to real world prices and rearming cost. Vehicles include all types of them - even naval ships like ANZAC (high cost). Improved AI - they flank, suppress etc. Realistic AI fall down after being hit Revive time is set to full brain death time (after heart failure) Disabled Shift-Click markers range info HighEnd sniper rifles Arent available in shops HighEnd sniper rifles only available from missions/npcs/military Launchers and rockets available from spec ops shop (both AT, AA, semi-high cost, as in real world) No virtual garage Flag stealing enabled Balance Building height limit Pay due notifications Kill messages & killboard (in laptop) XM8 apps View distance settings Good quality and customizable terrain grids (no flying terrain when scoping) Roaming AI, both land and air Faster nights Server restart every 3 hours, with notification Many fixed bugs, we fix bugs very fast
  22. [FR] Les Vieux Exilés sur Altis

    Bonjour à tous, Je me permets de poster ici pour vous présenter notre serveur, ainsi que notre philosophie. Qui sommes nous: Une team de vieux, de croulants, de couche-tôt. Plus sérieusement, nous sommes ce que l'on pourrait appeler une communauté de personnes d'âge mûr. Nous avons en gros entre 30 et 40, 50, bref, dans le milieu du jeu vidéo, nous sommes des dinosaures. Notre philosophie de jeu va un peu à contre-sens de ce qui se fait habituellement sur Exile, nous aimons les contacts, le calme, et les joueurs mesurés. Cependant, nous ne sommes pas contraires à vivre du pvp, et malgré l'arthrose des doigts, nous sommes encore capables de nous distinguer en duels. Concernant Exile, nous sommes pratiquement à un an d'hébergement de serveur, et nous souhaiterions le peupler avec des personnes ayant la même mentalité que nous. Nous ne visons pas des records d'affluence mais plutôt de réunir une communauté de joueurs réguliers et fidèles de plus de 30 ans. Nous ne sommes pas des pros, que ce soit en jeu ou au niveau de l'hébergement. Notre serveur n'a pas, et n'a d'ailleurs jamais eu, la prétention d'être un serveur nickel, sans bugs, à la pointe de la technologie. Cependant, à force de tests, d'erreurs et de solutions, nous avons trouvé un équilibre entre serveur jouable et action pour les joueurs. Notre historique est le suivant: Ayant fait nos armes sur Dayz, nous avons arpenté Chernarus de long en large, nous nous sommes entretués de nombreuses fois, nous avons planté des légumes, chassé du gibier, transporté des tonneaux, réparé des voitures, exploité au maximum le gameplay permis par le jeu. Et puis est venu le temps de la remise en questions. Et si nous construisions notre chez nous? Et si nous avions notre petite cabane? Du coup, la transition s'est faite naturellement. Nous avons opté pour Arma, et avons jeté notre dévolu sur Exile. Nous y avons effectivement trouvé ce que nous cherchions: Un jeu complet, évolutif, modifiable à notre image, où le craft occupe une place importante, et surtout un espace de rencontres entre Vieux et moins vieux. Nous avons donc testé plusieurs configurations au cours des mois précédents, nous avons arpenté plusieurs maps, testé les zombies, les IA, et nous avons fini par trouver ce qui nous convient le mieux: Un serveur Altis, simple et fonctionnel, avec une bonne dose de défi, et qui permet d'évoluer sur le long terme. Nos installations: Notre forum: Vous pouvez nous retrouver, nous contacter, échanger vos souvenirs de jeunesse sur C'est d'ailleurs probablement la meilleure manière de voir qui nous sommes. Tout le monde est le bienvenu, quel que soit l'age! Notre teamspeack: Si la tremblotte vous empêche d'écrire correctement, que la vue n'est plus ce qu'elle était, vous pouvez nous retrouver sur notre serveur teamspeack 3 à l'adresse "" où nous nous ferons un plaisir de discuter avec vous, et où vous pourrez vous faire une idée de notre mentalité. Notre serveur: Nous disposons d'un serveur dédié chez OVH, de bonne qualité, et nous permettant une grande liberté. Nous jouons actuellement uniquement sur Altis. Notre philosophie de serveur n'étant pas axée vers le pvp pur, nous avons plutôt misé sur une difficulté accrue au niveau des IA, que ce soit en capacité comme en nombre. Néanmoins, le pvp est largement autorisé et même recommandé. Les règles d'engagement sont ouvertes et peu restrictives, nous demandons par contre aux joueurs du bon sens quand il s'agit d'échanges de tirs. Les addons Exile que nous utilisons sont les suivants: A3XAI pour ce qui est des patrouilles IA, DMS pour ce qui est des missions, Occupation, Extended Base pour le craft de bases et CDAH pour le craft de véhicules. Nous avons également mis en place quelques scripts utiles que vous découvrirez en nous rejoignant. A noter que les véhicules armés ne sont pas achetables, et que la seule possibilité de les obtenir (hors récompense d'event) est de les crafter. Ce qui les rend d'autant plus précieux. Je ne vais pas vous noter ici toutes les règles mises en place, vous pouvez les retrouver sur notre forum à l'adresse Le nom de notre serveur est [FR] Les Vieux Exiles sur Altis |pvp-pve|extended-base|CDAH|missions Son adresse IP est la suivante: Vous pouvez également retrouver notre serveur en recherchant "vieux" dans les filtres ingame. Le mot de la fin: Celui-ci reste à écrire, sur notre serveur, notre ts, notre forum, et je l'espère, en votre compagnie! Merci pour la lecture, et à très bientôt aRfpof
  23. Bienvenue sur le Serveur Arma 3 Exile de la communauté Instinct-Gaming Welcome on Instinct-Gaming community ARMA3 Exile Server Pour nous rejoindre:/ For join us Mod necessaire/Mod required: - Extended Base Mod Pourquoi nous rejoindre: - Hébergé sur un serveur dédié/Host on dedicated server - 20.000 PopTabs - Mission DMS - Occupation de ville/City invasion - Remorquage & Helitreuillage/Towing & Lifting - Extended Base Mod - Patrouille aléatoire(Air/Terre/Mer)/Randomize Patrol(Land/Air/Sea) - Attaque de base/ BaseAttack - Larguage de caisse/Crates Drop - Crash d'helico/Heli Crash - Rearmement payant des vehicules armées/Rearm Vehicle armed - Défibrilatteur/Revive System - Velos deployable/Deploying Bike Une equipe de modérateur et d'administrateur, travaillent à vous complaires et à mettre en place des Event réguliers. Extrait du Réglement/ Main Rules -Interdiction de privatiser l’accées au ressources stratégiques* /No private loot area* -Interdiction d’utiliser des propos ou pseudo vulgaire, raciste ou pouvant heurter d’autres joueurs / No Rude,racist, Or other word who can hurt people sensibility -Interdiction du PvP hors des zones, ou des Événements prévue à cet effet / No PvP , out event ou PvP area -Interdiction de faire de la publicité ! / No Pub -Interdiction d'utiliser des logiciel tiers consideré comme des cheats! / No Cheats/Glitch... -Interdiction de piller/visitez/attaquez une base étrangère ! / No Raid/Salvage/Enter in a stranger Base -Interdiction de voller une mission** / No Steal Mission** **Les mission appartiennent au 1er qui l'engage, il est prefereable de l'annoncer avant afin d'evitez toute erreur facheuse!/ First to engage are the owner of the mission, tell it before ! *Les constructions ne doivent ce trouvez à proximité de batiment pré-construit(150M minimum), ni gener le déplacement des autres joueur!/ Base can't be create near(150M) pre-existant construction whitout admin accept, and don't block a player !
  24. BBG Exile Server

    Hey guys! We finally got our Exile Server working! Anyhow all you will need is to have exile (duh) and all other MODS ARE ON STEAM WORKSHOP! Search BBG Exile Pack in collection section! I was thinking of doing a YouTube series but its not fun to play alone so yea! If you have any question or problems connecting please leave a comment and or join our TS and well will see what we can do!