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Found 126 results

  1. Hey guys, I need some help. I was wondering, how do I go about creating a PVE only zone on my map? I made a zone in the mission.sqm using a trader safezone as a template and it worked great. It wasn't until players tried building and it said "You cannot build in a safezone", I remembered that using the safezone template was not the best idea. I'm thinking I will need to make a custom trigger, then link it to a custom file (ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterPVEzone.sqf), then just put the code I need in there. Would that work? How do I make a custom trigger? And where would I need to place the custom " ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterPVEzone.sqf " File? Or am I going about it the wrong way? Thanks Everyone!
  2. BANG BANG PVE Lythium

    Bang Bang PVE is a militarized PVE server .. seems to be fewer and fewer servers with roaming AI .. yea stalking and shooting players can be fun .. but sometimes u just dont want the jerks on PVP servers .. just to battle AI and hang out I built Bang Bang u dEaD ..I just brought it back to life with new map .. Lythium ( Afghanistan ) . Custom Map Edits and Missions. MODS, AI roaming - Vehicle , Air and on foot, Advanced Urban Rappelling, CBA_A3, Enhanced Movement, Enigma Revive, Extended Base Mod, RHS USAF, HAP, MAS Nato Russian Vehicles and Weapons, Fox Survival Cars, Hidden Ghillies, KA weapons pack, NIA Weapons pack, Pook H13 Heli, Tac Vests, Tryk Clothing Claim AI and Mission Vehicles with code lock. There are no server spawn vehicles on the map, you can spawn quad from XM8 Base Spawns for Levels 4 and up .. there are 20 levels of bases, max count is 200. Scrap Vehicles to get your body out when you die in vehicle, spawn quad and bike.. lots of extras Come check out the server .. warning this is a fairly hard server ... lots of AI roaming in vehicles and ground ..expect respawn often ..after all the server is called Bang Bang. Spawn with rifle and ammo, player loadout based on respect..25k in locker for new users.. loot levels are good .. Custom Missions, Town Invasions , 2 large AI bases, one in radiation zone, radiation zones have hidden high tab value crates. U might just have some fun
  3. [GER]Exile|We love Taviana x64

    Ich stelle hier mein kleines Exile Server Projekt vor. Auf dem Server befinden sich: -Sector B Mission (DMS) und weitere Loot Gebäude auf der insel -DMS Missions (Custom Missions für Highloot usw) -Heli Patroullien -Diverse Custom Trader -Deploy Quad XM8 App -Virtuelle Garage -Weiter XM8 Apps -High Loot Zones Hier wurde ein ganzer Häuserblock durch eine Loot Zone ersetzt Weitere zusätzliche Militär Basen: Außerdem wurden einige Wracks und die Statischen Flugzeuge auf dem Airfield entfernt. Der Server wird stetig weiter entwickelt und die Spieler können auch entscheiden(Ich mache den Server ja auch nicht nur für mich :D) Ich suche auch noch Teammitglieder also schreibt am besten eine PN Trader: Sector B mit Deckungen und Türmen
  4. [SWISS/GER]Exile Tanoa PvE

    [SWISS/GER]Exile Tanoa PvE Server/RHS/CUP/extendedbase/Missionen/AiGegner
  5. Pathfinder Exile PvP

    Pathfinders Exile PvP Full dedicated server, not virtual or slotted. Powered by community donations. Occupation missions, wondering AI, Militarized, In-house mod team. Light on mods, CUP, Ryan's Zombies, Extended Base Custom trader locations. (Progressive development) 1 million starting money. Rules You can find our rules on our website! These rules are subject to change and are applied by a case by case bases. Admins have final say on rule enforcement. The general rule of thumb is respect players even when killing them, and if an admin asks you to cease a behavior, you best do so. Join our unit! !
  6. Les Exilés du Terminus

    Les Exilés du Terminus, un petit serveur francophone à esprit de famille. PVP et PVE, Missions IA et patrouilles. Map : Tembelan "Les Exilé du Terminus", a little french server with a family spirit. PVE & PVE, IA Missions & Roaming. . Map : Tembelan Bienvenue à tous ! / You're Welcome !
  7. [FR] Expendables

    Un serveur arma 3 simple sans pvp
  8. K&M DayZ Exile Server

    Server name: [K&M]|PVE|Exile Chernarus Redux server Address: Server version: 180143751 Required game version: 1.80.143751 Map: Chernarusredux Mission: Exile
  9. The Jungle Redux

    You've just woken up to discover you're no longer in your cell awaiting execution. Good right? Not really, you have been transported over to the island of Chernarus Exile! you have managed to over power your guard and taken his side arm and a few provisions. When you finally look over the loot you got from the guard, you notice he has marked on the map places of interest. Looks like some kind of trading post in the center and several places you can land. But what are these spots on the map, marked with skulls? And this one area with a bio hazard mark? Guess you better get tooled up and build a base... Protection, planning and survival! Welcome to "The Jungle!" !! Bonus !! If you register with our website and post an introduction, you will get a 15k bump in respect to get things going. ++ Features ++ ** Required Mods ** ?? Player Tips ?? >> Change Log <<
  10. Gravelton Exiles | PVE |

    Gravelton is a customized PVE server set on the Altis map. We are a more relaxed community focusing more on scavenging and building and less on continuous combat. Presently our features include: RHS Mods - USRF, USAF, GREF and SAF CUP Mods - Units, Vehicles, Weapons Extended Base Mod Enhanced Movement - be sure to bind these keys to use the new actions! Advanced Ropes - Towing, Sling Loading, Helo Rappelling, Urban Rappelling R3F Logistics - move and load objects into vehicles. Works with crates and small vehicles. Crates *can* be sold at the Waste Dump! Double-click radio to deploy a motorcycle - does anyone actually like the bicycles? Custom XM8 Unit Scanner - handheld radar with 200m range which detects vehicles, static weapons, players and AI APOC's Air Drop Supplies - use pop tabs in your locker to call in air drops of weapons, food, unarmed and armed vehicles. These vehicles are NOT persistent and are priced accordingly Virtual Garage - accessed through XM8, note that vehicle inventory is *not* stored when the vehicle is added to your Garage StatsBar & CHVD View Distance Repair/Refuel/Rearm Points at all Gas Stations - Vehicle ammo is saved to the database and does not reset when the server restarts Vector Building BRAma Cookbook Roaming AI Vehicle Patrols - Ground and Air Vehicles. The vehicles stick to the main roads, be cautious while exploring! Dynamic and Static Missions run by DMS Town Invasions by VEMF Reloaded - marked on map Helo Taxi between the trader zones Revive dying players with a Defibrillator! These are available at the trader zones. Salvage your destroyed vehicle to recover the gear on your body Gear Crates (marked on map) DayZ-Style Vehicle Crashes (not marked, look for the smoke trails) Zed-infested zones marked on the map in red Roaming zombie spawns at night Customized trader menus and loot table to include items from the mods Since we are a PVE server flag stealing, vehicle hot wiring and PIN code hacking are disabled. Territory protection money is due every 21 days, vehicles not used after 14 days will be deleted. Upcoming features: Custom traders in the SE and SW corners of the map as these areas are a long hike from the standard trader zones! Helo taxi route will be expanded to include these. New dynamic and static missions Aircraft Carrier static mission - this one will take a coordinated effort to complete! Zupa's Capture Points were previously implemented for PvP-allowed zones. Since no one had participated since they were added they are currently disabled. I will reintroduce them if player interest warrants it! As always, I'm open to suggestions for new features.
  11. So I've been thinking about this. Since I have roaming AI and such on my server, and I want it to be PvE, I would like to know if it's possible to make a floating playername over other players, so they can see they're friendly. Should be viewable out to 400m, but smaller the further it is away. Does anyone have a script like this?
  12. [ARSE]

    PvE server with a large, work in progress PVP zone. Active Admins. Regular Events. Roaming AI. RHSUSAF. Fox Vehicles. More mods to be added. Community driven server. US and EU admins. Custom Missions. Required Mods: Fox Survival Cars, RHSUSAF, Enhanced Movement, Advanced Rappelling, Advanced Urban Rappelling, Extended Base Mod
  13. [IMP]Impact SA Exile Altis [PVE]

    Server Features: 4 Hour Restarts Custom Spawn Points (No Bicycles, only Quad Bikes) Mature Active Admins High FPS High Loot High-Quality Custom Map Content Arma 2 Weapons AI Missions Static mission Custom Trade-Zones Building Supplies Trader (no Safe-Zone) Military Tanks Armed & Armored Vehicles Contaminated Zone Vehicle Loading (IGI Load for Exile Mod) WasteDump+ (Sell mission crates) Tow and Lift Vehicles Armed Choppers Roaming AI PVP Zone Sharks Fishing Shipwreck Loot Mods needed to join the servers: Exile Mod v.1.0.3 "Lemon" Extended Base Mod v. by Freakylein FFAA MOD Ryanzombies Wilderness Bits and Bobs RHSUSAF Mod Sharks - Apex Species CBA - A3 3CB BAF Vehicles
  14. [SWISS/GER]Exile Altis PvE

  15. [SWISS/GER]ExileMaldenPvE

  16. Immersive Exile

    We are the Immersive Gaming Community. We feature a high performance Tanoa server with various mods such as: Better Basebuilding, Zombies and advanced movement. But thats not all! We also remapped Tanoa, so its overgrown now. Other features: 300+ new cars, 700+ new weapons, Ai-shuttle service to other islands, rebalanced loot, custom missions, Active Staff! Sounds great? JOIN TODAY!! Looks even better? JOIN NOW!!
  17. AOD Exile-Z Altis

    High performance server testing. Tons of AI, 20+ missions, ridiculous amount of zombies at times. We have yet to get the server to drop below 25fps even though we have over 8000 objects and 2500 possible AI. Mods: ExileZ - 1500 total zombies, 100 Zombie Hoards, Roaming, Harrassing, etc. DMS + Occupation - 1000 AI, roaming, flying, driving, and even on boats... Mean ones too. Base attacks, heli crashes, etc.. Balanced (Easier) AI (WIP) RHS Weapons + Vehicles (Russian and USAF) MAS Weapons & Vehicles Extended Base Mod Tryk Uniforms CBA_A3 Enhanced Movement Optional Mods: Bloodlust JHRS Sound Pack Advanced Rappelling, Urban Rappelling, Sling-loading, Towing Blastcore Teamspeak:
  18. -=Dick CheeZe USA=-

    Clean Exile server to play on. Noobs get 100,000 in their locker and respect boosted to 50,000 so you can buy the good gear KOS server so watch your back! CBA and ASR_AI3 running to resolve idiot AI movements, man they're stupid. Exile 1.0.3 under the hood. no memberships.. just play!
  19. CannibalCorner

    New server here! I'm excited to open up the Cannibal Corner to the public. We built the server for moderately casual players first and foremost, but the ArmA vets looking for a more laid back style are also welcome. We understand that some people just want to join a server and play without having to be an expert at the game. CannibalCorner is a PvE server by nature and cooperative action is encouraged but the lone wolfs are also welcome. There's several minor adjustments made to make the play experience more accessible for new players while maintaining a decent level of difficulty for extended enjoyment. Mods are tastefully minimal as not to take away from the survival aspect of the game. Rep requirements have been slightly lowered, several crafting recipes have been tweaked for fewer items needed, family registration is cheaper, territory rent is cheaper and a few other smaller tweaks here and there. The difficulty is set slightly lower to help new players learn the game and the older players enjoy a more casual feel. But don't get too comfortable, roaming AI will still fill you with lead so stay on your toes! That's all I have for now. We're a tiny community and looking to grow so give it a shot and see if you enjoy it!

    Canadian based server group company provided on privately owned servers by RYTECH. Servers designed and hand built in Canada for multiplayer performance. Currently we have several game servers, a public community Discord server as well as a dedicated in house TeamSpeak server. We custom make missions and refine them for high performance multiplayer game play and fun! We have various tailor made servers and missions for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. We support various mods and we continually update the servers and missions on a regular basis. We are open to comments and suggestions, and new players are always welcome. Stop by one of our servers today! Visit our TS3 at Alternatively we also have a Steam group at CANADIAN-MILSIM
  21. Austrian Jagdkommando Exile

    Hello Player's I just bought myself this server and i thought why not a exile one. Currently setting it up so it's playable. If you have any problems add me on steam or contact me here hf
  22. MadMax Apocalypse Zombie

    Harcore Apocalipsis zombi Descubre una autentica experiencia apocaliptica Harcore Apocalipsis zombi es un servidor basado en el mod Exile y otros addons para asegurar fielmente una jugabilidad, atmosfera y diversion, que aseguren la mejor y mas inmersiva experiencia que puedas encontrar, haciendo incapié en reproducir lo mas fielmente posible como seria en realidad. Para ello se han incluido multitud de skins para tu personaje así como vehículos caracteristicos de un mundo postapocaliptico. Muy esporadicamente puede spawnear algun tipo de vehiculo militar en sitios poco habituales y que seran para aquellos que mas exploren. Nombre completo del servidor: [ES] Hardcore Mad Max & Apocalypse Zombie | Malden | SurvivalSpain Grupo Steam: SurvivalSpain Admin(s); JFL, Current Mods: CBA_A3; KA Weapons; CUP_Terrains_Core; Exile; Ryanzombies; Extended_Base_Mod; Extended_Items_Exile; Friths RuinK; Fox_SurvivalCars; Z-HUNTERS Echanced Movement Sabs Ultralight Estaciones: Malden tiene un ambiente duro durante las estaciones cálidas, pero cuando llega el invierno Malden se convierte en un nuevo animal! A medida que la temperatura baja, los supervivientes deben encontrar refugio contra el frio, casas, viejas y bosques profundos seran lugares perfectos para hacer refugios y establecer un campamento para mantenerse cálido. También puedes encontrar antiguos heatpacks en Hospitales para ayudarle en tus viajes! Toda la ropa ingame se ha visto rediseñada para dar a cada pieza de ropa un valor de calor. Algunas prendas de vestir serán desde muy, moderadamente o poco cálidas, que van desde las chaquetas pesadas, Parkas a los suéteres más ligeros y jeans. Los sombreros también ayudarán a luchar contra el frío (un buen ejemplo de la Ushanka). Muchos ejercitos solían tener camuflaje de invierno y ropas de abrigo, tenían una multitud de chalecos y cascos para ayudar a mantenerlo oculto y protegido del frío y las balas. Muchos sobrevivientes también se refugian en el Campamento de Sobrevivientes para acurrucarse junto al fuego acogedor para mantenerse calientes. (Gracias especiales a John / Reborn por esto) Gameplay Las tablas de loot han sido completamente reelaboradas para incluir una serie de nuevas categorías para edificios tales como granjas y casas de campo que tienen su propia tabla, lo que significa que todas las tablas son diferentes y requieren que vayas a ciertos lugares para recibir ciertos artículos . El loot civil tendrá cantidades limitadas de alimento, de bebida y de equipo civil; asi como algun tipo de escopetas y pistolas. Loot industrial tendrá muchas herramientas, suministros de construcción, jerrys de combustible. Practicamente todo en nuestro servidor se utiliza o utilizará para algo, no hay artículos desperdiciados aquí! El loot militar es de tres tipos, ligero, mediano y pesado segun el tipo de edificio, lo que proporcionara distinto grado de equipo militar. Asegurate de no tirar nada, pues cada herramienta tendra un uso distinto. Caso aparte son los vehiculos, ahora necesitaras varias herramientas distintas para reparar segun que, y ademas, necesitaras encontrar todo tipo de recambios para repararlos tales como motores, rotores, parabrisas, fuel tanks etc. En general la cantidad de loot será baja, lo que obligara a moverse constantemente en busca de los recursos necesarios. Problema a parte es el de la gasolina. Solo se puede conseguir drenandola de los vehiculos del mapa, en el mayor de los casos pequeñas cantidades. Tambien la podras conseguir drenandola de aeronaves de la ONU caidas accidentalmente, aqui ya en mayores cantidades aunque a veces tendras que enfrentarte a su escolta. La ultima opcion es aventurarse a la isla NW, donde la ONU cuenta con una base de vigilancia con vehiculos cisterna para sus aviones y helicopteros, y robarla. Claro que no sera una mision sencilla. Para acentuar el modo survival del servidor, deberas cuidar la temperatura de tu personaje abrigandote, haciendo fogatas o metiendote en vehiculos (y mejor si tienen el motor encendido), bebiendo o consumiendo cafe, cerveza o heatpacks tambien subiras de temperatura. Este sera, de entrada, el mayor de tus problemas si no quieres morir congelado. Recuperar la salud de tu personaje sera tambien una maxima. Por defecto se recupera sola cuando comida y bebida estan por encima del 70%, pero su ritmo es muy lento. Algunas medicinas la restituyen mucho mas rapidamente pero en tambien podras descansar ante una hoguera aunque llevara algo de tiempo. La comida y bebida ahora es mas escasa, aunque las necesidades aumentan a una velocidad mas lenta, a la larga puede llegar a ser un problema. La mejor manera de alimentarse es cazando, cortar la carne y cocinarla cuando puedas antes de consumirla. Es el alimento mas eficaz y la que mas cantidad produce. Tambien puedes cocinar el animal directamente en una hoguera, es mas rapido pero solo proporciona alimento hasta el restart, el no consumido desaparece. En general, la comida cocinada aumenta su capacidad nutritiva, si no la cocinas paliaras el hambre a costa de tu salud. Esto es importante pues observaras que no veras animales vivos tan frecuentemente como los veias antes. Te costara mas encontrar armas, pero aqui no seran, en principio, tan importantes como en otros servidores. Por lo menos con respecto a los zombis pues en nuestro servidor no funcionan de la forma habitual y aqui siendo sigiloso puedes esquivarlos: Caso aparte son las hordas. Si tienes la mala suerte de toparte con una de ellas corre y salta muros si no quieres que una mega masa de zombis rapidos acaben contigo. Y cuidado, que esta horda tarda en desaparecer y si no encuentra victima suele tomar un camino aleatorio y te puedes topar tu con una... Funciones, scripts y características El server es PvE, pero el PvP está permitido. para que no haya abuso de PvP, asesinar otro jugador causa una perdida importante de respeto. Asi que asesina solo en caso de necesidad y cuando realmente compense. Sistema de loot completamente revisado y adaptado al entorno extremo. Mundo totalmente persistente: Un dia de juego se corresponde con 4 sesiones del servidor de 4 horas cada una. Un dia comienza a las 4 AM y termina a las 8 AM, reiniciandose de nuevo y continuando desde las 8 AM a las 12 PM y así hasta alcanzar las 8 PM, momento en que comenzará un nuevo dia a las 4 AM de nuevo. Habra 4 estaciones con diferente climatologia: Primavera, verano, otoño e invierno. Infecciones: Vigila tus heridas, limpialas con agua limpia y visprine. Niveles de jugador: Todo lo que el jugador haga es afectado por su nivel, asi. jugadores con alto nivel de respeto aguantan mas sin comida o bebida, corren mas, son mas resistentes a la temperatura etc. En caso de tormenta EVR, tomar cobertura en algún edificio para minimizar sus efectos. Existe una mascara antiEVR que también los minimiza. Desabilita temporalmente los vehículos. En caso de tormenta eléctrica busca cobertura o huye, los rayos pueden destruir edificios, vehículos y también acabar con tu propia vida. Vigila tu temperatura corporal: Usa ropa de abrigo, enciende hogueras, toma heatpack o entra en algun vehiculo cubierto. Pagas: Los jugadores cobran una paga cada cierto tiempo de juego, que se incrementa cuando ganas reputacion. No hay autorefuel, el combustible solo se puede conseguir llenando una jerrycane desde otro vehiculo o fuente del mapa (gasolineras, depositos etc). La fuente de combustible varia con el tiempo. Todos los vehiculos son persistentes. Los encontraras en carreteras, pueblos, ciudades, casas, helipuertos. Para reparar vehiculos son necesarios multiples items: Motores, rotores, depositos de fuel, parabrisas etc. Algunos son particularmente dificiles de encontrar, por lo que podras craftearlos buscando planos e items correspodientes. Spawn aleatoria de IA amiga o enemiga. Estate siempre vigilante. Otros eventos y misiones Helicrash: Helicopteros caidos con carga util, protegidos por un numero indeterminado de IA Avioncrash: Aviones caidos donde conseguir combustible. Si consigues Airpatrol: Misiones de rescate sobre aviones derribados. Bombardeos aereos: Sobre centros militares e industriales. Alborotadores: Fugitivos que toman el control de pueblos y ciudades con el fin de saquearlas en su personal provecho. Isla NW: Se trata de una isla militarizada en la que encontraras un loot altisimo guardado en varios bunkers en el complejo principal, asi como varios vehiculos cisterna y vehiculos aereos. La base esta defendida por IA. Planifica bien la mision y efectua previos reconocimientos si no quieres fracasar. Cualquiera de estas misiones no se suelen marcar en el mapa, deberas encontrarlas explorando, obtener su posicion registrando cuerpos de zombis e IA muertas o bien hackeando con un portatil en las proximidades de una torre de comunicacion.
  23. [FR] CPA 10 | COOP | RP | PVE

    Serveur Exile RP Français ouvert ! Venez sur le TS pour plus d'explication.
  24. Singapore Exile Tanoa

    Friendly PVE server with a PVP area. Heavily modded. I've added a bridge between islands, a friendly chillout zone, georgetown zombie apocalypse and even built a new island that holds a secret mission.
  25. [SWISS/GER]Exile PVE Vietnam

    [SWISS/GER]Exile PVE Vietnam Server neeed @The_Unsung_Vietnam_War_Mod@extendedbase@CBA_A3