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Found 18 results

  1. Xbrm by: oSoDirty Credits to w4rgo for original lockpicking idea. Credits to the Exile team for the badass codelock UI I use. What this does is allow players to lockpick safes, doors, and gates. It also allows players to rig their safes with persistent explosive to protect their assets from raiders. These explosives can be discovered and defused as well. As is, knives are used to lockpick and mine detectors are used to scan and defuse rigged safes. Failed attempts to lockpick consume the knife, failed attempts to defuse cause the explosive to detonate and also consume the mine detector. A successful attempt to lockpick will unlock the door or safe and you will keep the knife. The doors/safes are also set unlocked in the database and will remain unlocked until they're locked by someone with the code. A successful defusal will award the raider with the explosive used to rig the safe, make the safe, safe for lockpicking, and will not consume the mine detector. Attempting to lockpick a rigged safe will result in the explosive detonating and killing any raider within 10 - 15 meters as long as their in plain view of the safe. The explosion only harms the players, not base objects. If in game, territory owner/members are notified via toast with a message and the base's grid coords when each door/gate/safe is attempted and once again if the attempt is successful. Raiding attempts, failures, and successes are also logged in the database to help catch any fishy activity. Example - new player has 100 knifes and raiding every base in sight = duper caught... By default, wood constructions have a 5 min lockpicking time with a 50% success rate, fortified wood constructions have a 7.5 min lockpicking timer and a 40% success rate, and concrete constructions/safes have a 10 min lockpicking timer and a 30% success rate. Explosive scanning has a 100% accuracy rate and takes only a few seconds, from there you are given an option to attempt defusal. Defusal takes 1 min and has a 50% success rate. Everything from what is used, timers, success rates, and some messages given can be configured in Xbrm_config.sqf. NOTE: I don't recommend changing the lockpicking and scanning items if you don't know what you're doing, this can cause the script to not properly remove or recognize the items as some items are recognized as items, some magazines, and some as either or. Download HERE Installation is in readme. Don't mind the progress bar being off in the defusal bit of the video, this was due to being in debug to speed up timer, though a fix has been implemented to automatically adjust for any setting.
  2. [SG] Exile Chernarus Isles

    Spartan Gaming aims to give you the best experience for your Exile needs! We like to listen to our community and take all your suggestions into consideration. Community communication is #1 priority to us. Our Admin team is here to give you dedicated support for any situation. We offer a fun, unique server with many custom features. All there to make your gaming sessions the most fun as possible, and made with performance in mind. This is a PVP server. That means loot is not scarce making it easy to get into the action. You do not need to worry about what you can buy from traders, there is no respect restriction. List of server features: Wages Daily Rewards Base Painting XP System Unlock perks by earning XP Vehicle Painting (VIP Only) Vehicle Tuning Shop (Allows extreme vehicle customization. Such as Chrome, 2 Tone & RGB paint. Neon under-glow) Crate loading and selling Base Spawning (15 Minutes Cooldown/Removes Bambi Status) Deploy a quad/kart at any time (Requires Extension Cord) Towing & Custom Air Lifting Inmate Market Reviving Vehicle Rearming Vehicle Claiming Trader 3D Preview with a search feature Loadouts on spawn (Respect Based) Select Spawn Classes No Thermal Vector Building Capture Zones Unique Missions Massive mission on Utes Island (Massive Rewards) Hacking (Safes/Virtual Garages - Also receive Mobile XM8 notifications) Virtual Garage Grinding Doors Eject from aircrafts (Above 100m) Lock vehicles from the inside Sea Crates Helicopter Crashes Always day 30m Base Height limit Advanced Urban Rappelling SafeZonePlus (Protects your vehicles from thieves) Black Market Traders "9" to Disable Environment Sounds Custom Kill Messages Incoming Missile Warning on any air vehicle
  3. RaiderGaming Altis PVP 100k

    The Newest Militarized Arma 3 PVP EXILE Server! "Raider Gaming Altis 100k Start|PVP|Militarized|VG|Raiding|Revive|Claim|" is Live. your welcome to join and play. Custom Missions & rewards, Roaming AI, Everything you can think of at the traders,CUP Weapons and Vehicles , Extended Base Mod, and more! Have you ever got in trouble/banned for killing the player next to you when you were clearly not breaking any lame PVP rules?!?! If you have we have a battlefield thats ment for you at Raiding Gaming we dont believe you should get in trouble on a PVP server for PVPing. we are noob friendly to a point but you play on a pvp server at your own risk. Active Admins and Friendly Mature Players Come Check us out! Dedicated Server with are own Hardware in the data center! Website! TeamSpeak3
  4. !,800,000 poptab raid on a base Name says it all
  5. I collected some of my clips on this taviana server in to a small video, Hope you enjoy! hurraay for Taviana being back
  6. ODB Exile

    Old Dirty Bastards is a new exile community! We are a group of players who have been playing exile together for about 2 years. We have played on many servers, and gathered what we like and what others like, and molded it into something of our own. We have fair and active admins who's only concern is helping the server's population. We listen to the players and let them decide what happens in the server as far as scripts, mods, and price changes. We are running Chernarus Redux, NIArms, CUP's, TRYK, Adv Repelling, DS Houses, and Extended base mod. Server is hosted in Canada in a optimal location to allow to great ping for US players and EU players. Militarized fully, jets are included, although they cost more than full locker size of 1m Lockers are meant to be over filled, this is to give raiding a purpose other than stealing gear. 30m build height Spawn Quad Hack/Grind ZCP and DMS with custom loot and vehicles Heli crashes and gear crates VG Base paint and vector New trader interface giving traders a fresh new look Custom traders, and custom military bases added in around the map with continual development Players can vote on the forums to add or remove/adjust in game features! Loot++ Stop by and check us out!
  7. [Tacops] Exile Panthera

    Server Launch Date: 6th September 2017 Server Name: [Tacops] Exile Panthera - HighFPS|VG|+Loot|Vector|Painting Server IP: Map: Panthera Website: Connection Guide: Steam Group: This server is aimed to provide our players with the best possible exile experience. We focus heavily on infantry combat and balanced gameplay. We also work hard to enforce our server rules to provide a fun and fair experience for all of our players. We welcome everyone to our community however we recommend that you read our server rules before you start playing on any of our servers, they may come across as strict but they are there to ensure a fair and fun battlefield for everyone. Required Mods: NIArsenal ExileMod IceBreakr’s Panthera CBA_A3 CUP Terrains - Core Thank you for considering joining our server! We hope to see you in-game!
  8. EliteExile Altis

    EliteExile has been up for almost a year now. We host multiple servers with a medium to large size community. Over the lifetime of our Altis server, we have had over 37,000 player accounts in our database. In January 2017, we have reached #7 in ranking for a server running Exile on Altis. We have built our server to satisfy the needs of our players. When players asked for something, we listened and implemented it. As on 5/21/2017, we have upgraded to 1.0.3 and wiped our database since it was long overdue. This means that the map is empty and now you can claim your base at your favorite spot. What we run on our server: Zombies AI Missions Tow Air Drops Server Events Halo Jump Roaming AI Random Crates DayZ Heli Crashes Player Market (MarXet) An XM8 with extra apps (View Adjustment) Vector Building Paint Shop Enigma Revive Safe Hacking (Min 15 players on) Lock Grinding Virtual Garage More Vehicles/Weapons Come join us and see what EliteExile is really about. We are going to be spinning up a CUP server down the road for those who want more content. We run our servers on a high performance dedicated server with 24 cores, 128gb ram, and SSD Raid. Dedicated 300Mbps connection to handle all of our traffic. Our servers are optimized for best FPS and latency. The server's location is NW.
  9. [CP] Al Rayak

    Welcome to CommunityPro! The current features? Well here is a list: Claim Vehicles ZCP - Capture points DMS - Missions Virtual Garage Safe Hacking Door Grinding Custom Buildings Within the map Randomized Bambi Clothing 10k Starting pop-tabs within your locker Random cars around the map. ---More Soon--- You can find the server on A3 Launcher the name is: [CP] Exile Al Rayak - HighFPS|Missions|10k|CapturePoints Mod Requirements: CUP Terrains - Maps CUP Terrains - Core G.O.S AL Rayak Exile CUP Units CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons G.O.S Al Rayak TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms]
  10. hey guys can one of you tell me where i can change the destructible en indestructible base settings because i can not find it also when im checking exile_server -> config.bin thats empty greetings Maikel
  11. As much as I respect the direction of Exile mod is taking, I feel as though raiding is a step backwards. It is currently too long and tedious with almost no gain. And the system of having a chance to break is almost worth nothing. I understand that server owners can choose the time between the charges being set (although i strongly feel exile should lower the base number to 70 seconds a charge), but having to hack into virtual garage or a safe is almost impossible especially in a full 60 slot server. Raiding a standard exile base could take roughly an hour or two, without even touching the safe or the virtual garage. There will usually be an outer wall followed by a inner wall for the loot and flag room. Once you break through two to three walls to hit the loot room, you may commence hacking. Hacking itself needs to be completely reworked. Prepping almost 100k worth of explosives (again server could vary) is not worth it at all. A chance to break whilst the entire server is notified means its almost impossible to ever get anything done. This is also a concern for people who play alone or small groups. Meaning raiding is not viable at all. I do how ever respect the time it takes to steal the flag. I also like the idea behind the person and or family who owns the flag gets notified when there base is under attack via either the xm8 and or the xm8 APP. (but not the entire server) For anyone who reads this and hasn't experienced raiding first hand try it yourself and then express how you feel about this post. I would also love to hear the devs feedback on this.
  12. Tacticalfin Exile Server (ALTIS)

    $30k Start + Zombies + AI + Missions PvP server located in Texas, with players mostly from the US and latin america. Mods (not mandatory) @Ryanzombes, @RHSAFRF, @RHSGREF, @RHSUSAF, @Extended_Base_Mod, @TRYK Constantly improving the server, switching mission systems and applying latest mod updates (e.g. latest RHS 0.4.1 applied). Events with high rewards: PvP, Coop missions, PMC and Air battles, some of them with +500k$ reward. Tanks, Jets, Attack helis and Boats; makes the server hardcore and players have lots of fun!!! Multiple vehicle lifting for helicopters and ground vehicle towing. Extended base items allows you to buy and place military constructions in your base. Let an admin know you are willing to stay and we will help you with the building materials. Server admin open to suggestions for changes.
  13. KnownDeadly

    Welcome to the harsh lands of Namalsk. We are running a 40 player server on Namalsk on our own dedicated linux server, with the best hardware available so you can be sure of a very high FPS in game... Even with the Zombies! We have custom loot configurations along with custom traders. We have tried to bring back the old style of the arma survival series by reducing loot to a lower level meaning you will have to explore more of the map to get all the essential gear you will need to survive. We have updated to the latest version of Exile (0.9.8) and have implemented all the new features in our server. The blowout storm from Arma2 Namalsk returns. You can use a gasmask to avoid passing out. The gasmask can also be used to access special areas on the map. Special areas will contain rare loot but will be difficult to access due to the larger numbers of zombies. We have base raiding mods enabled. Grinders with battery will open doors and you can hack safes with laptops. All loot has been categorized so that supermarkets spawn food, military areas will spawn higher tear loot etc All the mods on the server can be downloaded from the steam workshop. Exile and Namalsk can be downloaded from here.
  14. dev help pls

    So I have been playing on the same arma 3 server now since exile came out, and ever since raiding was first introduced I loved to do it. Yesterday and just now I tried to raid two different bases with explosive charges, I use the x4 M112 Packs, from RHS I think the mod is, they do 60,000 damage per charge. Recently it has been 5 charges (300,000 Damage) to blow through a non-reinforced wall, and 17 charges (102,000 Damage) to blow through a reinforced wall. From yesterday and today we have spent 10 charges on each base, on non-reinforced walls, and nothing? We have spent 200k and have recieved nothing from them since we can't enter their bases... So all I want to know is the amount of health each type of wall has, or if exile has removed base raiding all together for this patch. I spoke to the server dev and he checked all the logs and everything and said that base raiding with explosived was still enabled, but he doesnt know how much health they have and thats why I am here. I would post this to the ask a dev section, but sadly it was disabled and I couldnt post this there. Any replies help, Thanks! (I play on ghostzgamerz by the way if anyone else is having the same problem, not trying to promote them in any way)
  15. |ATD| Exile Tanoa

    General Features Deploy/Scrap Bike Hacking safes Grinding door locks Virtual garage 3 hour restarts DMS Mission System InfiSTAR Anti hack Adult admins that are ACTIVE Lowered thirst/hunger rate NO THERMAL! View Distance menu added (activated by pressing 7) Long-standing Arma 2 community venturing in to Arma 3! Bounty System LOADS of other features!
  16. [MK] MercyKillers

    MercyKillers Arma 3 Exile Server Has Many Cool Features Such As Hacking And Grinding Making Base Raiding More Fun, You Can Also Hack Player(s) Terriary To Get One Of Their Vehicles That They Have Stored In Their Virtual Garage. The Mods You'll Need To Join Are: @CBA_A3, @HVP, @CUP Terrains-Core, @CUP Terrains-Maps, @CUP Units, @CUP Vehicles, @CUP Weapons And @Exile Mod. For More Information About The Community Or Server(s) Either Connect To Teamspeak Or The Website (
  17. Does anyone know how to adjust the armor value of buildable items such as wood walls/doors? Id like to look into making bases a bit more accessible
  18. Hello i have a very strong opinion about how base raiding should work. 1. The only parts of the base that can be breached would be doors and gates. Why? Because then it would make griefing sow easy and people can loose alot of progress and hours invested into the game in an istant. 2. Because of the statement i made above, if people could destroy the entire base, then it would make basebuilding pointless because the most logical thing would be to leave crates and safes in the midle of nowwhere very well hiden. What does everyone think about the points i made above?