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Found 81 results

  1. WTF is this? A roaming AI spawner and monitor to be used in conjunction with DMS and will not work without it: It has been expanded since initial release to include several sections: AI spawning in towns and villages across the map (can be turned on/off in the config.sqf) The ability to have survivor AI and bandit AI in towns and villages who will fight each other (survivor AI are friendly to players) AI spawning around military buildings (can be turned on/off in the config.sqf) Roaming land vehicles (can be turned on/off in the config.sqf) Roaming air vehicles (can be turned on/off in the config.sqf) Random spawning loot crates with AI guards (can be turned on/off in the config.sqf) Dayz style helicrashes (can be turned on/off in the config.sqf) A public bus service (or helicopter) which travels between trader zones and will stop to pickup players If you use a helicopter and experience problems with the heli crashing into objects at your traders you can place helipads and it will use those as the landing areas. FastNights, the ability to speed up ingame time during dark times to reduce the amount of night per server cycle. Traders, the ability to have dynamic spawning traders (with or without safezones) Process monitoring to help with optimising your server setup The ability to have custom log files (if you use infiSTAR) Random spawning AI that hunt players added in V58 (work in progress) AI spawns in randomly selected villages, towns and cities to a maximum amount set in the config (found in config.sqf). The maximum amount also counts the amount of AI spawned from other DMS controlled AI and will also not spawn if the server FPS falls below a limit set in config.sqf To specify which land vehicles and air vehicles you want to use edit the 2 arrays: VehicleClassToUse = ["Exile_Car_LandRover_Green","Exile_Car_UAZ_Open_Green","Exile_Car_Offroad_Armed_Guerilla01"]; HeliClassToUse = ["Exile_Chopper_Huey_Armed_Green","Exile_Chopper_Hellcat_Green","Exile_Chopper_Mohawk_FIA"]; To allow players to capture AI vehicles you need to be running the latest version of DMS: If you want to stop AI vehicles exploding once the AI have been killed, in the config.sqf in DMS look for: DMS_AI_destroyVehicleChance = 0; Set it to that and players can capture them How AI scaling works: For every player on the server over 10 players it reduces the maximum amount of AI allowed so that as more players connect fewer roaming AI are spawned to stop the server grinding to a halt. That way on quieter servers you get more AI and on busy servers you get less. How the spawning works: The script will detect where your spawn points and trader zones are based on map markers and where player bases are and won't spawn AI within 500m of any of them. The monitor runs every 5 minutes as part of the Exile threading system and will not spawn additional AI in a location if they already exist. KNOWN ISSUES: PLEASE ENSURE IF YOU DOWNLOAD FROM GITHUB THAT THE FOLDER YOU MAKE INTO A PBO IS CALLED 'a3_exile_occupation' ANY OTHER NAME AND IT WILL NOT WORK. Where to get Occupation from: Source: If you use the github source to create the pbo, ensure that the folder name is a3_exile_occupation (not a3_exile_occupation-development) Pre packaged pbo: To install place the pbo into the @ExileServer/addons folder I'M HAVING PROBLEMS !!11!!!! If you are having issues with parts of Occupation not working try the following: Use the latest version of DMS Use the latest version of Occupation Try both using the default settings (ie. don't change the config to rule out any typos you may be introducing) If that works then you have typos in your config files (for DMS or Occupation). If that doesn't work then post a full server RPT to pastebin and put the link here.
  2. Exile Reborn Altis

    Exile Reborn on Altis, Hardcore - only the strongest will survive, if your extremely lucky. Warning: Very high chance you will get your ass handed to you on this server.
  3. [FF] Fear Factory ExileMod Altis

    Die Fear-Factory lädt alle interessierten Spieler ein bei uns auf Altis das Exil zu erleben. Wir bieten euch einen stabilen Server für ein flüssiges Spielerlebnis,netten Support und unbürokratische Hilfe wenn mal was total daneben geht.Bei uns gibt es die PVE/PVP Variante mit RP-Elementen damit für alle etwas dabei ist. Ihr benötigt folgende Mods um zu joinen : Exile 1.0.2 // ExtendedBaseMod 0.2.7 // Cup Units 1.8.1 // Cup Vehicles 1.8.1 // Cup Weapons 1.8.1 // CBA_A3 Vers. Wir sind eine weltoffene, tolerante und abgerundete Gemeinschaft mit Mitgliedern von jung bis alt. Wir spielen im allgemeinen Arcade-, Action-, RTS- und Puzzlegames. An oberster Stelle steht der Spass am Spielen und das gemeinsame und gemütliche Treffen untereinander. The fear factory owns several servers with different games, we play all maps but primarily ALTIS. News on the team and around the gameplay can be found into the Forun on our Homepage, Happy Gaming, your FF-Team.
  4. O3G Exile Altis 100K Start

    Here is a list of things that our server has to offer, hopefully you like what you see and will come check us out in person. All missions have the chance to spawn the new APEX items/vehicles so if you don't have it make sure you have a friend that can sell the items for you. Newest Additions Territory names will no longer show up when you enter the area Loot tables rewritten includes EBM, CUP, and all buildables and it's been increased AI soldiers now have poptabs on their bodies amount ranges from online players Players Marxet can now be accessed from the normal vehicle traders [buy or sell] Brama cookbook is back, crafting list made easy Vehicle and crate anti-theft protection inside safe zones from non group/family players(CUP heli's still need added to script) If you remove a crate from a vehicle inside safe zone make sure you look at the inventory to claim it same goes for a towed/lifted vehicle make sure you get in the drivers seat 1st Sell from crate, to help us clean the area clean make sure you sell crate+cargo Rappel down buildings/Walls Rappel from a helicopter [make sure pilot is not descending] Spawn at your base [Owner/Moderators] Timer set to 5 mins Current Scripts Rocket Launchers purchased goes on your back Players MarXet allows you to sell items to other players Base Raiding allows you to hack their garage and grind a lock Claim Server spawned vehicles with a code lock Revive a player within 5 mins of dying Status Bar keeps track of all important details, health,poptabs,locker, etc Halo Jump allows you to jump from a helicopter Tow/Lift/Load -Some large helicopters will load certain vehicles now, load crates from missions XM8 Apps APOC's Airdrop, View Distance, Deploy Bike or Quad, Sever Info, Virtual Garage Virtual Garage allows you to store vehicles for up to 14 days Building Max Limits level 10, 150m Radius, 200 Objects, Tanoa level 10, 100m, 150 Objects Details for everything is below: One major change to exile and our server is the new respect based system, which includes purchasing items from traders. Respect levels are as follows: Level 1- 0 respect- shows up white Level 2- 5000 respect- shows up green Level 3- 10000 respect- shows up blue Level 4- 25000 respect- shows up purple Level 5- 100000 respect- shows up orange Level 6- 200000 respect- shows up pink If you do not have the amount of respect needed to buy the item it will look grayed out and will tell you how much more respect you need to buy that item. Rocket Launchers - You can also purchase a rocket launcher without having to store it in a vehicle, it will now place this on your back upon purchase. Heli-Pads - These are located on Altis Servers only and when you purchase a vehicle it will spawn on top of this pad, if you are blocking the pad you will be asked to move but if you left it there it will be deleted without warning to deter douche bags placing vehicles on them so others cannot purchase one. Exile has now gone to a physical poptab system. This means that if someone kills you they can steal the money you had on you. There are lockers at every safe zone that can store up to 3 million poptabs. Plus you can store poptabs in safes,vehicles and bunkers at your base. This also means that if you want to give someone money you have to actually drop it on the ground for them, there is no more transfer money option. Players MarXet - These are blue circles on the map that are safe zones where you can name your own price and list items that you would like to sell. You do not have to be online if someone buys an item as it will be deposited in your locker. Base raiding is part of the game you can now grind off locks with a grinder. You can also hack safes and virtual garages with a laptop. Hacking safes shows up on the map like a mission does, hacking the virtual garage does the same thing. In order to start any of these the owner or someone who has build rights to your base must be online. So with addition to the new grinding and hacking scripts, exile has added a few things as well. First as you all may know they have added the ability to construct concrete bases. They have also added 3 new breaching charges that you must craft to get through each kind of wall. Each charge takes a little longer for each kind of material that you are trying to get through, wood being the easiest and concrete being the hardest. Now I will say that we have removed satchel charges from our server for balancing issues. If you want to raid the best way is to craft the exile explosives. One last little thing exile has made it so you can steal a flag at someone else base. When this is done you have 3 days to pay the ransom or the base is gone, the ransom can be paid at the territory trader at central. To control suicide for farming vehicles, we have implemented a max of 5 suicides per restart with a cool down of 10 minutes between suicides. Another cool new feature to exile is the addition of families. This feature allows you to create a family and invite your friends. The benefits of this is when you join the server you are automatically put into a party, then when your friends join they are automatically put into the same party. No more stopping what you are doing to bother with party invites. To make a Family you must go the territory trader at central safe zone and pay 20000 poptabs to start the family. Claiming Vehicles - So this script allows you to take any randomly spawned vehicle and make it your own. All you need is to find a vehicle and have a code lock on you. When you go up to the vehicle use the scroll option and select claim ownership and put the pin in that you want and that's it the vehicle is yours. Enigma Revive - All you need to do is purchase a defibrillator from the trader, get to your fallen teammate within 300 secs[5 mins], scroll to perform CPR. Before performing CPR we recommend that you take your friends poptabs otherwise his/her money will disappear, this is buggy with the recent Exile update. Status Bar - This pretty much explains itself, it gives your a breakdown of your hunger, thirst, damage, etc Halo Jumping - This is something that we recently added to the server. This script allows you to jump out of any air vehicle from any seat and be able to parachute to safety. This parachute does not take the slot of your backpack. You have to be at least 100m in the air for the option. Rappelling - Yes that means you can fly a friend over something and have them rappel out of your chopper to the ground. This works for every seat in the chopper except the pilot of course. It also works with every chopper on the server, but this has a bug right now you can repel thru a hangar roof so make sure you secure loot and your flag if you use one of these are part of your base. Pilots do not descend when someone is lowering themselves down as it will get tangled in the rotor and death will follow. Tow/Lift/Load - This will allow you to either lift a vehicle within reason, tow a vehicle if its capable, and load in mission crates, safes, containers into a vehicle that has extra capacity. Remember to remove all crates before selling inventory or before restart as they will disappear. You can also move a full safe/container 20m at a time without having to take out the items! You can also place Bikes, Quads inside most land/air vehicles along with the Qilin and Prowler inside the larger Choppers I.E. CH47, VTOL, ETC. XM8 Apps are back, including APOC's Airdrop, View Distance, Deploy Bike [Extension Cord] or Quad [Scrap Metal] materials needed to craft one, Sever info, A journal and the Virtual Garage. Virtual Garage- so I don't know about you but I got pretty tired of spawning in and finding that all my vehicles had been blown up by someone. Well the virtual garage will help with that. Our new Virtual garage does not require a Base Laptop, it is now on your XM8 under the "more" tab. You click on the Virtual Garage tab and you can store and retrieve your vehicle from there. Ok so fair warning here- if you put a vehicle into the virtual garage unlocked it will come out unlocked.... let me say that again IF YOU PUT A VEHICLE IN UNLOCKED IT WILL SPAWN OUT UNLOCKED AS WELL. Also any vehicle that is left in your VG for 14 days of inactivity will despawn. So make sure to take your vehicles out every now and then. We will not be responsible for someone taking a vehicle you spawned out of the virtual garage because you forgot to lock it before putting it in there or vehicles that have despawned due to inactivity. ***Note*** If vehicle is not removed and added back into the garage it deletes by default after 14 days VirtualGarage_FlagLevel1Limit = 3 VirtualGarage_FlagLevel2Limit = 6 VirtualGarage_FlagLevel3Limit = 9 VirtualGarage_FlagLevel4Limit = 12 VirtualGarage_FlagLevel5Limit = 15 VirtualGarage_FlagLevel6Limit = 18 VirtualGarage_FlagLevel7Limit = 21 VirtualGarage_FlagLevel8Limit = 24 VirtualGarage_FlagLevel9Limit = 27 VirtualGarage_FlagLevel10Limit = 30 With this new update we have changed our max base radius and objects. The new changes are listed below. Upgrading your base is now done through the territory trader at central safe zone. Building distance between territories is 325m. Maximum bases allowed per player is 2. Minimum distance to build between traders and spawn zones is 1000m. Extended base mod objects require respect level 4 to purchase. Spawns - If you own a base on the servers you will be able to respawn near your base and parachute down with only a 5 min cool down, you can only use each spawn point every 5 mins so if you keep killing yourself then you will not be able to spawn again until the 1st spawn point becomes available again. ***Notes*** Protection money is due every 14 days payable to the office trader. Altis and Napf Purchase Price Radius Number of Objects 5000, 15, 30 10000, 30, 60 15000, 45, 90 20000, 60, 120 25000, 75, 150 30000, 90, 160 35000, 105, 170 40000, 120, 180 45000, 135, 190 50000, 150, 200 Since Tanoa is a much smaller map the building level radius and object limits have been lowered Purchase Price Radius Number of Objects 5000, 10, 15 10000, 20, 30 15000, 30, 45 20000, 40, 60 25000, 50, 75 30000, 60, 90 35000, 70, 105 40000, 80, 120 45000, 90, 135 50000, 100, 150 We have also double Exile's default so the need to eat or drink doesn't slow your game play down, with regen set to 4 points a min. In regards to Extended Base Mod, if you place a fuel source at your base you will need to move it every restart or just when you need to use it until the Author of the mod makes it persistent. You can also purchase a water cooler for your base to fill up all those empty water bottles. All Exile loot items can be sold or bought at the traders except for the Hotwire [knife] which is a lootable only item. You can purchase a thermal scanner which only works if a player has used that code lock/vehicle within the last 15 mins.
  5. Zero Remorse [AU]

    Zero Remorse is back! We are currently running in BETA Be sure to join our TeamSpeak and request your own private channel. We have plenty of custom map content that is based off of our Arma 2 Servers. PVP Compounds, barracks and protected traders. We give you a hight loot, militarised server with roaming Ai, ZCP Missions, DMS Missions, Zombies, Infections, Invasions, Open buildings and extended base mod. We will be adding more in the future going off the community input and if it's not going to effect anything we have running at the moment. for all necessary mods to join - with of course Exile itself Hope to see you there! - ZR Team
  6. =ADK= Exile Chernarus

    Server Specs: Intel i7 4900k (8M Cache, 4.0 GHz) Samsung Enterprise SSD for Speed & Efficiency 32 GB Ram Mods: Exile ADK Texture Mod MAS Weapons MAS Vehicles CBA_A3 CUP Units CUP Vehicle CUP Weapons CUP Terrain - Core CUP Terrain - Maps Features: Karma System, Earn Points From Killing AI, Players ADK Crafting Menu with Extra Buildables/Vehicles Highly Customized Stats and Live In Game Scoreboard 2 Major Content Mods for Greater Selection of Vehicles, Weapons & Gear Tow & Lift for Vehicles Repair, Re-Arm and Refuel Service Stations Balanced Prices across all Vehicles, Weapons & Gear Custom NWAF, NEAF and Balota Map Edits 4 Different AI Systems for Greater Selection Custom Island Based Mission (Skalisty Island) Revive Dead Players (Requires a Defibrillator) Bury bodies (Requires a Shovel) Set View Distance (ADK Menu) Custom Craftables, Bandages, Can Opener and More Customizable Status Bar and Settings 100% Custom Trader Setups
  7. EBP - Heavy Armored PVP Server

    Welcome to our new Exile Server. It was completely reworked from 0 and simplified with the better mods available and it was thought to offer a high FPS experience. This is a server created and administrated by adults, therefore we appreciate matureness in our players. These are some of our server features: PvP Server (Alliances Allowed) AI Missions Roaming AI (Air, Ground and Sea) Extended Base Construction Recipies to Build From your XM8 Tablet CUP Weapons and Heavy Armored Vehicles Tow Vehicles Lift Vehicles Load Crates in your Car Sell Objects From Crates Revive your Team Virtual Garage Grind Doors to Break into Bases Hack Safes and Virtual Garages Halo Parachute Rappel from Helis to Quick Deploy Rappel from Buildings Customizable HUD Call for AirDrop Support Rappel from Helis and Buildings And many more ... See more info at: Follow us on: Be welcome to have fun on our Exile Heavy Armored Server.
  8. Exile Chernarus PVE , 150k Start Mods need to join: Cup Terrains - Maps Cup Terrains - Core Cup Units Cup Vehicles Cup Weapons Extended Base Mod TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms Nato Rus Weapons CBA
  9. [NL] *VIRUS* [EXILE+Apex Tanoa]

    This server will have you entertained! The AI is programmed for solo players and for teams and will definately keep you busy! The Mission system is assisted by wandering bandits. If you do not run a mission you'll walk into the roaming AI and have your own 'mission'. Fun, excitement and scared is guaranteed! [Windows dedicated server (one game server instead of multiple on one box) hosted on fiber network. Active balancing and monitoring.]
  10. FragWithUs Hardcore Exile

    FragWithUs Exile FragWithUs Exile Hardcore Tanoa Mods CUP Vehicles (latest) CUP Units (latest) CUP Weapons (latest) NIArms - Complete (latest) Exile (latest) CBA (latest) Find these + a workshop collection that the server uses at Features Custom Vehicle Rearm w/Persistent Vehicle Ammo Persistent Time ZCP - Capture Points Custom base items (without mod) AI Missions/Invasions Hardcore first-person Heli crashes Igi Load And lots more! Support We have friendly active admins ready to help and give support when needed! If you need support/want to report a bug, or just some people to play with come join our teamspeak:
  11. BigDGaming Exile

    BigD Gaming Community is 10 years strong, focused on FPS style games, long time in Project Reality, Arma and Battlefield
  12. Murloco's Taco Shop

    Hi there, Murloco's Taco Shop is 40 man server with infantry based PvP, custom military zones, custom rare AI spawns and a lot of cool scripts implemented to make the game more fun. Mods Needed To Join Just the latest release of exile! Thats all! Features Igiload- Allows you to load small vehicles into bigger vehicles (quad>offroad truck / offroad truck>helicopter, etc) and also load loot crates into vehicles like the ural and big helicopters like the mohawk or Huron. Towing- Find or buy a rope and go to the back of your car to attach the tow rope and then attach it to another car and start towing! Roaming AI- AI will roam around the map in cars, helis and on foot, and also patrol military zones occasionally, keeping you on your tows even when the server doesn't have too many people on it. Random Gear Crates- Gear crates spawn around the map with an icon and are patrolled by AI. Dynamic Missions System- We use the popular DMS system to spawn missions around the map, with varying difficulty/ loot. ZCP Base Missions- AI barracks will spawn randomly around the map and you have to do rush in and control the point for 5-10 minutes with reinforcement AI waves periodically spawning, successfully completeing them will net you tabs and respect Bounties- Set bounties on another player to let other people go out and hunt him. Someone stole your shit? Set a high bounty on them and get your revenge. If you are a bounty hunter you will receive money for killing the player with a bounty on his head. Base Building- The standard base building of exile with increased building radius and item placement limit. Custom View DIstance- If you have a beefy PC or a toaster, you can change the view distance to suit your needs with an app in the XM8. Virtual Garage- Allows you to store the vehicles at your base in a virtual garage. This garage is hackable with a "base laptop" though so it's not entirely safe, you still have the threat of losing vehicles if your base is raided. Lock Grinding- Use a grinder and batteries to grind off locks on doors/ gates. This take a long time though so make sure the coast is clear before you start! Base/Safe Hacking- Use a base laptop to either hack player safes or virtual garages to steal from other players. This takes about 10 minutes to finish and when you start, a bubble is put on the map labeled "hacker activity" for everyone to see so people can come and stop you or wait for you to finish the hack and then kill you as you are about to escape taking the loot for themselves. Journal- An app in the XM8 that lets you right down notes for anything. Need to remember coordinates? Right them down! Customizable Status Bar- Change the color, width and size of icons/ text in your status. You can even disable certain things on the bar as well, dont want that temperature icon? turn it off! Hell, dont want a status bar at all?! Turn it off!! PvP Our PvP is more infantry based meaning you wont see any crazy tanks or helicopters flying around blowing everything up. We focus on infantry combat to make things more up close and personal and the threat of dying is higher since you can't hide inside a tank with a giant cannon and blow up the competition without breaking a sweat. The best vehicle we have is the BRDM-2 which is a armored APC like vehicle that has a turret on top, but whoever is in the turret is vulnerable to bullets so it's not too OP. Starting out In this server you start out with 20,000 pop tabs in your locker, which is more than enough to get you started and buy yourself some gear even if you die a few times since guns aren't too expensive. We realize most people don't want to spend hours grinding for money to get gear only to die and lose it all and have to grind for hours again. The most expensive things you'll have to buy are the top tier helicopters witha lot of armor and alot of inventory space. Military zones provide good gear making them hotspots for pvp a lot of the time and providing a quicker way to get geared up pretty well if you're strapped for cash. We use the respect system to add some progression to being able to buy loot. Meaing you'll need a certain amount of respect until you can buy better items. We use the standard tier list for respect : Tier 1= 0 Tier 2= 5000 Tier 3= 10,000 Tier 4= 15,000 Tier 5= 20,000 Tier 6= 25,000 Customized We have added a few military bases around the map with a lot of loot spawns to make them worth going to, i have even added a 25-50% chance of a loot crate spawning at them at every restart with very good gear inside, making the military zones a possible PvP hotspot at the beginning of server restart. One of the zones is eve pretty close a spawn city so a lot of people can get there quickly making it a high pvp area a lot of the time. The military bases are designed with certain gameplay styles in mind as well, while on zone is in a flat area, requiring you to get up close to see what is inside, another can be surrounded by hills, making you have to watch for snipers on the horizon. I have added a chance of a few custom AI to spawn around the map at every restart as well, they are very deadly! They don't give respect or tabs (at least until i figure out how to let them drop them) but they have very good gear on them like high end snipers, explosives and rocket launchers. Pics Of Custom Areas / AI Currently In The Server (more will come): Rules: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAT 1. We are all about free speech but if we think you're being a dick then you're either getting kicked or a temporary ban. If it continues then you get perma banned. If you're being real stupid then you're getting banned right away. 2. No spamming. TRADER ZONES 1. No camping trader zones, you need to be 1000 meters away from a trader zone before you start setting up an ambush. 2. No ramming others or stealing ANYTHING that is not yours in the trader zones. (We have anti theft scripts but shit happens) 3. Don't follow people out of the traders zones with your own vehicle with the intent to kill them when they get over 1000 meters out. You can only do this if you somehow convinced them to add you to their group. 4. Don't be super loud and annoying to people in direct voice chat. It's funny sometimes to play some music to set the mood for everyone but please be self aware of when it's gone from funny to annoying. BASE BUILDING 1. No building bases within 200 meters of military zones, it makes it so loot doesn't drop if you make a base to close to them. 2. No covering your flag pole so it cant be stolen, you can have a roof over it, just don't cover the flag pole with building materials so much that it is 100% unreachable. It has to at least be possible to steal. 3. No glitching into bases. COMBAT 1. NO COMBAT LOGGING. If you do it once you will be demoted 1 respect tier and if you have no respect you will lose an amount of money that seems fair to the amount you have. If you keep doing it then you're getting banned. If you have any suggestions for rules or any questions about the current rules, feel free to post below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Community We want to build a nice community for this game so we encourage you to join our forums or if you want to hang out in the Discord channel and shoot the shit thats cool too. We aren't the most politically correct group in the world, there will be no trigger warnings here lol With that said we do not condone things like racism. Links to website / discord: Pictures of custom military / AI: Links to scripts used:
  13. [DLG] DeadLifeGaming

    Our server has a pretty fresh sever but already has so many options. We are open to suggestions and feedback. Come check us out to see what Tanoa has to offer. Server details below. On the server we have: -> 200 AI Roaming/Guarding Missions (including police patrols) -> 5k Poptabs in bank for fresh players -> AI Choppers and AI Vehicles roaming the map. -> AI DayZ Heli Crashes, AI Loot Crates, and AI Missions. -> Capture points for PVP/PVE -> Custom Military buildings all over the Tanoa Map. -> Custom Loot tables for increased loot and less junk -> Halo Jumps, Status bar at the bottom, deployable bike/quad -> Cars at spawn points for easier movement around the map -> Tons of cars scattered all over the map -> Day & Night Cycle (Fast Night) (Vote Enabled) -> Virtual Garage -> Bridges between main islands! (except for the contaminated area where higher loot is) -> Working on fresh content daily with more additions to map -> North American Server!
  14. [TdS] Clan AU/NZ - Exile Tanoa

    [TdS] Team Dedicated Soldiers
  15. Weekenders Exile

    Hello convicts, Since the birth of our popular Empyrion server way back when, we set our sights on brighter horizons. Larger goals. One of these goals, to host a quality Exile server and deliver the best experience available. We currently are hosting two popular and stable 7 Days to Die servers with high server FPS and wish to bring this same server quality through dedicated and powerful machines to the Arma Community. With the help of our mature and friendly admins and our high quality servers, we hope you enjoy your time and wish to meet you on the server! [Weekenders Exile | CUP | RHS | EBM | Friendly Community] Server IP: Mods required: Click Here! Server Changelog: Click Here ! Server Rules: Click Here! Features Base Raiding 50 Player Slots 6 Hour Restarts Custom Traders Custom Bambi Cities 1000 Pop Tab Start Mature and Active Admins High Server FPS Arma 2 Guns and Vehicles Base Capture Missions AI-Based Missions Rocket and Grenade Launchers Armed & Armored Vehicles Load Crates and ATVs into Vehicles Tow Vehicles Server side Scripts: DMS Missions ZCP Capture Points Occupation AI (Roaming AI Vehicles, ground + air) R3F Vehicle Towing and crate carrying
  16. Badlands Exile

    New Server with some great features including Zombies, Roaming AI, Heli Crashes, Many Missions, Gear Crates, and more. Sorry for the image BTW Harambe told me to do it
  17. [ES] Los Osos Clan

    Servidor Español de Exile, con zombies y mucha IA. Se pueden remolcar coches, bajar de los helis haciendo rappel y muchas cosas mas, entra y sobrevive!!! MODS necesarios: Exile CBA_A3 CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod Ryanzombies RZ Infection
  18. GlobalGaming

    Welcome to [GG] global gaming We've recently got back into ArmA3 with the excellent Exile mod on the stunning map Tanoa. We're not running any weapons mods at this time as we're trying to keep the downloads to a minimum. We are however by far not a vanilla server. We're running a3_dms alongside a3_occupation as well as ZCP we have roaming ai both on foot and in vehicles, as well as Police raids & air patrols. We have many XM8 apps set up such as Virtual Garage/Spawn Bike/Spawn Quad/View Distance/Fully customisable statusbar with Halo/base jumping too, although the awesome ExAd package. We've added quite a few extra vehicles around the map for you guys to rob at your hearts content. We welcome players of all walks of life, rival clans too. Players who sign up to use our website will receive and extra 5k in start up tabs. We have an experienced & active admin team to fully support our servers, we also consider suggestions & all feedback given.
  19. Combat-Gaming Exile

    We are a group of mature and adult gamers who have the same interest in video games, Our group always treats there members with respect from the get go so we expect the same from new-comers. We welcome all player, regardless of you being a new or experienced player. You can play what ever role you want to play. If you are new to the game dont be afraid to ask for help. We are continually adapting the server and adding mods that we think you might like, whilst trying to give you the best gaming experience. We also like to hear from you, on what mods and features you would like to see. All we ask is enjoy your time with us. Mods installed • DMS • ZCP • StatsBar • ExAd • Virtual Garage • Exile Occupation (Roaming AI)
  20. [DE|GER]|PvP| Exile Tanoa 1.0.0

    [DE|GER]|PvP| Exile Tanoa 1.0.0 Custom Map|Roaming AI|Zombies [DE|GER]|PvP| Exile Tanoa 1.0.0 Custom Map|Roaming AI|Zombies IP: TS IP: - Zombies and Demons Mod - DMS Mod mit eigenen anpassungen -Roaming AI (Fußsoldaten, Fahrzeuge und Heli's) -Fahrzeuge können sicher in der Safezone abgestellt werden und bleiben nach Restart abgeschlossen (nicht als Basealternative ansehen. Fahrzeuge mit übermaßig viel loot sind nicht gestattet. -Selfmade Militäranlage inkl. Brücke zur Atomzone -zwei zusätzliche Respektstufen -Diverse Anpassungen der Preise beim Trader -zusätzliche Fahrzeuge ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unser Reisebüro von Team [FEAR] bietet neuerdings ein einmaliges und einzigartiges Angebot für jeden Interessenten an! Es erwartet Sie ein traumhafter Urlaub an einem der schönsten Orte dieses Planeten mit super Wetter und einer aufgeschlossenen Bevölkerung. Zugegeben einige sind etwas Scheu und andere wiederrum sehr Kontaktfreudig aber das sollte Sie nicht stören. Auch der übermäßige Gebrauch von Handwaffen aller Art sind fester Bestandteil der hiesigen Gessellschaft. Es gibt viele Städte und Orte zu erkunden und stets klasse Events auf der ganzen Insel für groß und klein. Ein Spaß für die ganze Familie! Während Ihres Aufenthalts steht Ihnen unser Team stets mit Rat und Tat zur Verfügung. Wir informieren Sie über Events, Wetter und vieles mehr. Rufen Sie uns einfach an! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. RAE Exile PvE/PvP

    FIGHT Brutal AI with access to a wide array of vehicles and tactics Other prisoners who dare cross your path AI Bases which can be captured for loot LOOT Buildings Cars Bodies SURVIVE Food is hard to come by, you may have to steal it from bandits Build a base and live it out in the harsh chernarus climate Find friendly AI wearing bambi overalls

    We're a community of 18+ gamers from all walks of life. Anything goes with us (apart from cheats - so VAC bans are not accepted!) We've recently got back into ArmA with the awesome Exilemod (previously we've had wasteland,DayZ servers). We're always on the look out for new members/players/clans to come and have the banter with us in-game. We're constantly looking of ways to improve our servers be it with mods/features/whatever, come check us out

    Ultimate PVE server on altis with many features, incredible gameplay and english language support...have a look and enjoy your stay at RAMMSTEIN
  24. Tripwire Exile Lingor EU

    We're working on the website. Welcome to Tripwire Gaming's Lingor server. We're here to stay. Newly started server with active admins and loads of content. Unlike other Exile Lingor servers we use fair trader prices. Not pay to win crap. Teamspeak Password: tgc