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Found 5 results

  1. La Zona Zobie Survivor

    TESTING! Zombie Similar Dayz and RPG&Quests not for noobs or casuals survivors gamers! Server di Zombi con quests e rpg ....
  2. ExileLifeMod Brought to you by: @happydayz, @Valthos™, @Andrew_S90, @Taylor Swift, @WolfkillArcadia Built in collaboration with ExileMod ExileLifeMod
  3. If you've added to trader RPG from RHS mod, such as RPG-26 (rhs_weap_rpg26), but when you buy it a weapon does not appear in your inventory, you must do the following 1) go to the mod @Exile folder, unpack exile_client.pbo, go to the "code" folder and copy the ExileClient_util_playerEquipment_add.sqf to your mission folder 2) open it with a text editor, such as Notepad++ 3) near the line 97, after case "SubmachineGun", add case "RocketLauncher": { _player addWeaponGlobal _itemClassName; _added = true; }; save file 4) open config.cpp, in class CfgExileCustomCode add the ExileClient_util_playerEquipment_add = "fix\ExileClient_util_playerEquipment_add.sqf"; 5) Repack your mission 6) Enjoy Hope it helps you!
  4. Hello, I created highly customized server on Esseker map. So far I cant fix only one issue with rocket launchers. Does Exile have some black list of weapons save in code files? We add RPG and NLAW to traders but after purchase launcher didn't appear on player. Missiles working fine in trader but launchers not... Any idea why? p.s. It is not infiSTAR problem for sure (black weapon list modified), also BE filters added (no kicks) Thanks for little help
  5. The Feros Empire Exile Server

    roleplay arma 3 exile mod we just turned our server in one looking for people to join we got random ai bandit missions mercenarys and more even zombies and soon dogs that will help you in battle with commands and a lot more soon we are also getting soon dogs into the server you can have as pets and much more we also will add more mods if you have suggestions you are Always welcome to name them you will also be updated if we change anything on the server The Feros Empire Biography: We are a big gaming community we started with arma in 2015 looking for mature people. We play more games then just arma we have every week training events promotions. We have our own website and our Arma 3 teamspeak Ip: you are welcome to join us on it and aks more questions. Our main language is english but we also speak all other languages we have members all over the world we are with 100+ people on arma 3 and we have a total 4000+ members over all other games we play on. We have members who have been playing the arma franchise for many years and we also have top (skilled) pilots, infantryman, commanders, tankers that can create a great gaming experiance. Contacts on steam if interested: Joeysevengames Our website Teamspeak: