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Found 7 results

  1. Arma 3 Dayz Survivors

    Old school dayz server. Dayz survivors [Exile][scavange][Custom Recipes][day/night] Best way to join is with the with the A3L linked here: For your information, if you have problems with joining the server pls verify the mods. It usually helps to Open arma with steam and it will auto download. Or you can join our discord and ask any admin there Search for Dayz survivors on A3L and u find the server easy New Updates are coming soon!! Player factions: Heros, Bandits and mercenarys PVP-PVE you choice Admin Events Faction Wars And Pure survival Hello guys my name is Bullethourz and I own a server on Arma 3 called Dayz Survivors. We are making a server for people that loved the old arma 2 style DayZ and we are trying to get as close as possible to that feeling. We have a community/server called DayZ Survivors, here are some links to the community; Discord: Website: Server IP: We are a very strong Staff team that loves our players, the community and we are very active. Our goal is to make this server as good as it can become when it comes to Surviving. We have frequent Updates, Balances and Additions Server Features include: Heli Crashes: Helis have airdrops with custom loot. Helis will randomly crash leaving crates around the wreck with custom loot. Don't forget to check the dead Pilot bodies for more loot. Scavenging: Search the bushes/trees for food. Search wrecked vehicles or trash to repair/craft items, Antivirus Injectors & Antivirus Pills Search Cinderblock piles with a sledgehammer for Cinderblocks Search piles of large metal poles with a grinder (ex. factories) for Junk Metal Animals: Kill and gut animals for fresh food to cook on your campfire. Claim Vehicles: If you find a vehicle you want to keep you can claim it with a code lock so it won't disappear on restarts. Repair Vehicles: Damage your vehicle? Don't worry, just make sure you have the proper tools & repair items on you and fix it up Base Building: Place your flag and make your base using Vector building. You can have up to 300 items, so get crafty. Lets see those Mega Bases! Craft: Wood, Reinforced Wood, Brick, Metal or Concrete Custom Recipes: 98% all the items in the game can be used for crafting. Check your Brama Cookbook in your XM8. Zombies: If you get attacked, make sure you have the proper medical equipment to prevent/cure infection and stop bleeding. Watch out! Some Zombies may drop Live Grenades. Join our webbsite or disocrd for more info. we would appriciate to see some new faces in our community and server Happy Hunting guys. Chernarus Redux map Mods beeing used: 1. TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms 2. Survivors Apocalypse Overhaul 3. Extended Base Mod 4. Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 5. CUP Weapons 6. CUP Vehicles 7. CUP Units 8. CUP Terrains-Core 9. CBA_A3 10. Chernarus Redux 11. DS Houses 12. Ryan Zombies (Zombies and Demons) 13. CM Zombies 14. RZInfection 15. Exile Mod
  2. Wolfsrudel South Zagoria PVP

    Wolfsrudel ist eine deutsche kleine Community die stets wächst. Wir unterscheiden uns von vielen anderen Exile Server. Was macht uns so besonders? Wöchentliche Server Events Features ● Reviven● Fischen● Virtuale Garage● Kisten in Fahrzeugen laden● Schiffswracks● Alle AI mit Mod Equipment● Schwarzmarkt● Base Respawn● Halo oder Ground Spawn● Roaming Ai● High Military Loot● Täglicher Login Bonus● Eigene DMS Missionen● Radioaktive Zone mit einer sehr großen selbst erstellten Mission● Airdrop● Deploy Quad● Suicide Animation● Random Vehicles mit Loot● Statusbar veränderbar● Claim Fahrzeuge● Selling Crates beim Waste Dump● Salvage Vehicles
  3. BigSL Altis Survival-ZedAi PVE

    BigSL's Altis server is customized with lots of roaming and mission ai's. Zombies are balanced accordingly and demons are only at the loot&death mission. Tools are only found by looting for a survivalesque experience and traders offer you anything from basic foods to jets on the tarmac. Respect system is used as well for trader items. We are looking for like-minded players to join our family on ts3 for some quality discussions and ArmA3 co-op fun.
  4. [EU/UK] This Is How You Died

    Very new Exile PVP Zombie server , has all the essential mods you would like to find in a zombie apocalypse.. like the ability to scale walls to Eecape {Enhanced Movement). you would be surprised the amount of zombie servers that do not think this is essential. we have R3F to help you load those pesky loot crates into your car for a hasstle free journey back to the traders. Plenty of weapons mods to keep you interested. All those fancy XM8 apps you know you need, spawn bike/Quad, private chat, Cook book, Lock grinding a Fair pop tab economy were weapons and ammo are expensive. but on the flipside you will also find they sell for a bomb too. (whooo loot crates are actually worth money!) a whole host of other features and open to suggestions Check us out!
  5. [CSG] Exile Chernarus Isles

    Features: Custom Loot Table Custom Traders Custom Missions Custom Static Missions Custom Locations Extra XM8 Apps Large variety of high quality mods Advanced Towing Advanced Urban Rappelling Better UI Roaming AI Territory Payment Warnings Helicopter Crashes Loot Drops Unique Flags Black Market trader Revive Script Claim Vehicle Required Mods: Exile Mod Chernarus Isles CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Open Chernarus Project NI Arms Complete RHS AFRF RHS USAF RHS GREF RHS SAF Specialist Military Arms (SMA) CBA_A3 TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms Temp fix for Exile Miniguns Caucasus Insurgency Exile Expansion Extended Items Extended Base Mod Optional Mods: Enhanced Movement JSRS Soundmod 5 Advanced Urban Rappelling
  6. [NWO] No Way Out Exile Chernarus

    Welcome to [NWO] No Way Out Gaming's EXILE Chernarus "Why make yet another Exile server? Aren't there enough already?" "Yes, too many Exile servers that offer no challenge to play running with the same mods.. That is why we are going to develop something new and different." - NoX, NWO Server Owner MODS: VSM SMA RHS BloodLust CUP Chernarus Mission Enhanced Little Bird DS Houses Extended Base Mod Exile Extended Items NIarms Scripts: BasePaint Vehicle Paint Rappelling Towing Sling Revive Deploy bike Claim Vehicle ZCP Missions DMS Missions AI Occupation Safe-Hacking BALANCE We decided that everything on the server should be balanced. For example, the loot system has been configured so a bambi will not be able to pick up a M107 and LRPS find a tank and start the game with the best gear. We believe that should be earned. You will find the best spoils are in areas that offer the highest risk. MAP EDITS Chernarus lovers know that this map is big and can sometimes be a bit bland. We created literally thousands of map edits, here are a few. TRADERS Purposefully, gear available at the Exile traders is limited. However, a player to player market system (MarXet) is available to purchase and sell items/vehicles from other players if you can not find them elsewhere. TRANSPORTATION Chernarus is a big map. Persistent vehicles are spawned throughout the map and can be claimed. But make sure to hide it because it can be stolen by someone if they lockpick it with a knife. ENVIRONMENT REALISM During the night, without lights is supposed to be dark, not grey. Therefore, it is that way here. Keep a flashlight attachment handy and find some NVG's! SUMMARY This server is fun, and challenging. That's the goal we strive to keep. The server is owned by one person, not a large group of people who are only concerned with donators. Our Admin system is fool-proof, there is absolutely no Admin abuse because it is simply not possible. We invite you to come join us, you wont regret it. If you have questions or comments please visit us on Discord: CREDIT We owe many thanks to the Exile community and forums for the support and effort put in to keep this community active. If by reading this post you have seen work you have been part of creating we cant thank you enough for the time you have spent doing so. Thank you!
  7. Hi Everyone I don't know if many people use Special Military Arms for exile, for reasons such as compatibility or popularity. Im having a problem where weapons from SMA are disappearing on players after restart or re logging back into the server. I have the mod installed correctly and added to command line. The mod items are added to the traders and working completely. The weapons just disappear on players after logging back in from a restart. I could just be missing the obvious here... A second opinion or any advice would be much appreciated cheers