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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys im trying to figure out where the steam workshop version of exile is,somehow my steam version got deleted automatically. i downloaded from the main site(i mean this one) and im getting a signature mismatch on every server. Help needed thank you
  2. So im having trouble changing the respect in the config , i edited the config.cpp and changed the respect to -100000 (as this post tells me) , i then recompiled my exile server using the built in PBO compiler my website has on offer and it simply does not cut it in-game . Please help me out as im super stuck
  3. I'll probably quite some hate for this post but it's not like if I cared anyway. So what's the big deal with the Steam Workshop Terms and Conditions and the Arma 3 Community ? It seams to me that the Arma 3 Community is quite frighten by it for some reasons that are not quite clear to me so far... So here's the situation: You make a mod for free, You want a lot of people to play it, You want to keep ownership of your work, You're poor because you make mods for free so you can't really afford hosting. You want to track the number of downloads and subscription of your mod. You want people to use the latest version of your mod. You want your mod to be simple to install and use. You could release it on the workshop to fulfill all of the above, but you won't because you're scared of Gaben stealing your free stuff ? REALLY ? It's not like the guys wasn't crazy rich already... I think it's a shame that so many moders refuse to publish their amazing work on the best platform there is. I hope this trend is going to change some days because it's something that seems to be quite unique to the Arma 3 community and I feel like it's killing it. Just a few examples: RHS is much better than CUP in terms of quality but still, it is not played as much because it is not on Steam. JSRS is an amazing sound modification that nobody use because it is not on Steam. NiArms *(HLC) could have a lot more subscribers if it was published as a single mod pack instead of 42. How come Breaking Point and Epoch still even exist after Exile being fully released ? Many other mods lost in the depths of armaholic or bohemia's forums. Anyway, it's not like Arma 3 moders are not most stubborn creatures of the universe anyway, so I won't expect anyone changing their mind about this any time soon. Link to the said agreement :
  4. Don't know why but I upgraded the server and it keeps kicking me out for steam auth failed. Is anyone else experiencing this? I am using Infistar.
  5. V.M.E. Exile Mod

    Exile мод в ARMA 3, это очередной мод посвященный выживанию. Песочница отличается от остальных подобных модов в основном идеей и в ней нет пост-апокалиптического мира. Теперь мы будем выживать на острове тюрьме, среди заключенных и играть собственно заключенным. Греческий остров, стал новым домом для изгнанных в ссылку, а именно домом для вас, где выживает сильнейший. Создай свою общину, что бы выжить в этом непредсказуемом мире, в которой идёт борьба между жизнью и смертью. Отличные сервера как для совместной, так и для одиночной игры. Есть интересные миссии с умными ботами + у серверов есть свой teamspeak 3 канал, подключайтесь и будем вместе летать на сектор и по миссиям, или даже в местe строить базу ну и воевать соответственно! Преимущества Быстрый спавн лута, хороший % спавна. В торговлю добавлено всё что можно, гранатометы, ракетницы, CUP оружие и техника Вертолётные патрули, на военной технике и Пешие патрули ботов, а так же военный десант. уникальный вид AI, с CUP оружием гранатометами и высоким скиллом Новые места спавна Улучшенный лут, Новый лут CUP на миссиях Улучшенное заселение карты + многое другое Техника в трейд зоне открывается после рестарта (её можно продать в течении часа) Новые уникальные миссии с уникальными предметами Бонусы новым игрокам и кланам, за каждого приведенного игрока на проект вы получается на одном из серверов 100.000 игровой валюты.. (для получения обратитесь в группу в VK в обсуждение “Акции”, кланам нужно иметь одинаковый клан тег) Активная администрация ведущая диалог с игроками, по скольку администрация без игроков - пустышка. Активная слежка за тенденциями и желаниями игроков и сообщества ARMA 3 в целом.
  6. I'm not sure where to send you that, But there's someone who release Exile on the Steam workshop and It made it to the first page. He also released Taviana and Hollow's Vehicle Pack v1.2.1 *( @Hollow ) Is workshop page The user
  7. Hi there! I currently have setup a Altis Exile server, but the problem is the server is not showing up in internet browser. It's on a dedicated box, it works through LAN but not internet! Help please..
  8. Hey guys, I created an Exile themed Steam emoticon artwork and thought I'd share Here is what it will look like: Click Requirements: Level 10 Steam profile (Needed to have a featured showcase) CSAT Steam emoticon (If you don't already own this, you can get it here for ~$0.07) Instructions: Edit your steam profile, make your featured showcase "Custom Info Box" Give your info box a title (press space if you'd prefer no title) Copy & paste spoiler text into your custom info box Save changes Admire your new steam profile emoticon art
  9. Dedicated server: BattlEye and admin player running under same Steam account: BE messages shows as admin [action] player Anyone know how to prevent the admin player showing as the one kicking (or taking any action) a player? I have searched the internets on this subject at random intervals and have not found what I am looking for... Scenario: Dedication server runs under [Steam account A] Admin player connects to server with same [Steam account A] Some random player has bad lag and gets kicked automatically Result A: If admin is connected: Player ABC was kicked by [Admin player] Result B: If admin is NOT connected: Player ABC was kicked by [server] Preferred / Desired result: Result B every time regardless of admin player being connected Reason this is the preferred result: So an admin can play the game as a regular player without other players learning they are an admin. Thanks for any help!
  10. Are you lads trying to get Exile on Steam ? It would make it alot more acceseble to alot of players and easier to update.. The A3 launcher is so crappy..
  11. REMOVED and asked in BattlEye forum:
  12. LIVE NOW! CRE4MPIE GamersInc.NET