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Found 80 results

  1. [ITA-EU] WalkingDead Chernarus

    5k Credit for all new players, PVP/PVE Server. Join US on Facebook:
  2. 2xW-Renner Exile Reborn Esseker

    2xW Runner Gaming Group announce the opening of the Arma 3 Exile-Reborn Esseker Server! The Exile-Reborn pack is our favorite exile enviroment to play. Info The Exile-Reborn mod dives you into the unforgettable and dangerous environment, where you have a hard time to survive The admins speak German, Russian and English and are trying to solve the problems and develop servers further, we hope you will have fun here! Current Server Features: No missions marker, you should seek for information by dead bodies, or hack the ComSat towers to get a intel No safezones by trader, no food-traders. Mountain bike crafting ( Box of Screws needed , in Bamby loadout included) Hunting, custom crafting, resting by fireplace... Enhanced health- and weather-system. You can get infection by uncleaned wounds, and you schould check you body temperature Spawn vehicles are persistent, enhanced repair-system - you need find more Parts and tools, as only Tape Missions, roaming AI and survivors. You can try to bribe a survivor-AI and he will follow and help you Wages and rang system, the longer you survive, the more bonus you get Only random spawns Virtual garage, towing, halo jump, grinding and hacking Fully configurable StatusBar Fast nights And much more little tweaks and additions! Come see for yourself
  3. Old Blood And Guts Exile

    An Exile server run by the Old Blood And Guts gaming community. By Gamers, for Gamers. Mature Gaming at its best.
  4. Old Blood And Guts Altis

    A mature gaming community for folks from all walks of life!
  5. Hey there community I've been crushing issues popping up on my server for the past few days with little issue however I have advanced towing, repelling, and hooking in my server and they all work except towing I dont get the option to tow any vehicles even though its it successfully implemented on my server Idk why its not working when hooking is I did have to turn off some things in infistar to get hooking to work but it was just an issue of it de attaching after attaching the ropes with towing i dont even get the option to to a car to a truck any ideas?
  6. [US] SpearheadGaming Hardcore

    Spearhead Gaming proudly presents: Hardcore Exile Bornholm. We have gone back to our roots and used the features and mods that made our server great. If you are looking for a first person server we are it. Spearhead has active mods who are fair and impartial. We conduct admin events on a regular basis, missions include DMS and VEMF. We have a great selection of weapons and vehicles from CUP, NIarms, and Sabre Aircraft. Prices are balanced and along with custom loot tables which makes game play challenging but fun. Combine this with a great community which has its roots in milsim and an active dev team and you get the best hardcore server out there. Come by and try us out….. Join through steam or download our collection: Fourm: Screenshots:
  7. Insomniac Gaming Survival

    Welcome to Insomniac Gaming The place where you game ALL NIGHT. You wake up, parachuting into the unknown. You don't know where you are, but you have a rifle, and a single magazine. As you land on the island, you realize, your not alone. Mutants come up from the ground, swat teams and other inmates attack you. Your job is to fight, build, and survive. Adapt to your environment, improve your tracking skills, acquire new vehicles, weapons, and clothing. Get ready to start your empire, but do not ever forget, you are being watched.... ADAPT / BUILD / EXPLORE / SURVIVE Mods required: Exile mod All CUP MODS (Terrains, Units, Weapons, Vehicles) Extended Base Mods Enhanced Movement TRYK Uniforms Advanced Rappelling Advanced Sling Load Advanced Towing Ryan zombies RZ Infection for Exile Addons and script: After restarting the server, they are locked vehicle in the territory indestructible DMS missions Police missions Zombie Safe Zones Infistar Revive Enables Base Spawns Virtual Garage ~More~
  8. Hi there, just added avanced towing to my server, cant get it working but noticed this in my log Not sure if this is causing it not to work, any ideas?
  9. [FR] CrazyWorld PVE

    Serveur Français PVE
  10. HAXcrew Exile

    Some server features Dedicated Server Roaming AI High FPS DMS missions Zombies Advanced Sling Loading Active Admins Great loot RHSUSAF Weapons A few of our server rules No safezone camping and or trolling Do not build on main roads No stealing from safezones No glitching or duping Do not be disrespectful to other players
  11. ![CAP]ComeAndPlay-Community

    You can find the Server on A3Launcher, or the standard ARMA 3 Launcher! ![CAP]EXILE|Chernarus|HackingGrinding|DMS|Vemfr|Revive| !!!!!!!------TS3 Daten auf anfrage------!!!!!!! ______________________________ Restarts every 4 Hours Server is Running on Root! _______________________________ Custom map Content KI Static Mission with High Loot! EBM Mixer (for Crafting Extended Base Mod Parts) Exile Mixer (for Crafting Exile Parts) Radiation Zone (High Loot Zone) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mods: VemF Missions VemF Base Attack HVP Vehicles DMS Ocupation DMS Extended Base Mod CUP Vehicles CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Terrain Core CUP Terrain CWA CUP Terrain Map Enhanced Movement Extended Bas Mod ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scripts: ExAd Apps ExAd Grinding & Hacking Recipes Enigma Revive Vehicle Towing StatusBar und vieles mehr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screen Shots: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wir sind täglich daran neues einzufügen! Alle Mod's für den Server findet ihr auf dem A3Launcher zum Download einfach Abonnieren, Downloaden und ab geht die Party! Jeder ist Wilkommen

    Added: Advanced Towing (ropes also available at hardware trader) Revive script (defibrillators available at equipment trader) Zombies Tweaked: Body despawn timer changed from 15 to 20 minutes Ambient flyovers disabled In game start time changed to 11:00 hours, time multiplier set to x 2 Territory protection timer set to 16 days Owned vehicle despawn timer (when not unlocked / moved) set to 16 days DMS mission startup now set to between 1 and 5 minutes of server startup (was 3 to 7) Prices: Defibrillator added @ 7,500 pop-tabs Rope added @ 1,000 pop-tabs Taru transport heli changed to 35,000 pop-tabs Existing (as these haven't been listed anywhere I think): DMS missions - up to three simultaneously Bandit missions (squads in towns) Roving NPC (land, sea, and air) Police patrols - occasionally you will see a message pop up about a police patrol hunting down a convict - keep your eyes open! Loot crates (protected by NPC)
  13. BTGaming

    We are a Fully Militarized Server. A wide Range of Vehicles to choose from. Many Custom changes. Active Admins
  14. Die Baertigen - Exile

    Die Baertigen - Exile A new Exile Server with a lot of features to have more possibilities enjoying the Game itself. The Admins are there to help and will stay in contact with the players. Every Player is invited to comment her or his opinion to make the server better. Server info: At the moment there are 20 slots on the server. The Server is located in Central Europe. Server restart is every 4 hours. 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 (Central European Time). Contact: Ther will be a Discord Channel in the Future. If you have Questions, Ideas or just want to say hello, contact us on Mods: - Exile - CBA - Ryan Zombies - JSRS - Blastcore - Arma Enhanced Movement - Advanced Rappeling - Advanced Urban Rappeling - Advanced Towing - Blastcore Skripts: - Color Correction (just a script not a Mod)
  15. ExileEntenTeich

    Server ist derzeit noch im Aufbau suchen aktive test spieler. Einfach bei uns im ts melden. Ai Missionen,random fahrzeuge,crafting und vieles mehr. Einfach den CDAH MOD downloaden und Exile und kommt auf unseren server. unsere mods. tanks × loot+ × Zcp crafting/VehicleCrafting × highfps × cdah × towing × claimvehicle × lockpick × aimission × costumsafezone × reallifecars × serverinfo × es kommen noch weitere dazu.
  16. Crazy Vietnamese

    Exile server with Unsung mod. So Only weapon and vehicles from unsung. I have Unsung as a theme and will stick to it. More will come to server each day. Server just started so come in and try it out and have fun. feel free to tell me if you want something to be added. Addons: Dms, SA-advanced Towing, A3xAI, XM8 apps and other stuff ______________________________________________ Mods you need to join: Exile Unsung: LINK Air Cav Vietnam: LINK
  17. [ITF] Exile Server

    ITF is a Exile server hosted in Sweden, and is currently being maintained by a small group of experienced players! Who are we? We are a group of 6 people that run this server together, this is who we are: Raven: owner of the server! Jontarno: admin and developer on the server! Simon: admin on the server! Fuzzy: admin on the server! William: admin on the server! Mixit: server configurator and admin on the server! What do we offer? RHS CUP Dynasound 2 Enhanced Soundscape TRYK Zombies Missions Towing Rappelling Building And a lot more! Do you have Teamspeak? Yes we do! For quick support or just want to hang out join us:
  18. Tanoa Hardcore PVP

    Here on Tanoa Hardcore PVP, we are striving to create a highly modded mission that feels like a real survival with AI patrolling and zombies always on your trail you will need to fight every step of the way for even the simplest of things Fully customized configs for balanced long term game play.
  19. Chernarus - EXILE MOD LEVO GAMIN

    New Exile Mod Server! Friendly players! Plenty of Mods: Cups, Rappelling, Sling Loading, Towing, Rappelling from Helicopters, Reviving, New updates and mods added every day! Looking for new players and groups to play on our server! Open Teamspeak and Web Site for people looking to join our community. Plenty of current players looking to team up. Come join our server! Chernarus - EXILE MOD LEVO GAMING
  20. Exile Reborn Altis

    Exile Reborn on Altis, Hardcore - only the strongest will survive, if your extremely lucky. Warning: Very high chance you will get your ass handed to you on this server.
  21. PbP Tanoa Exile

    Our Arma3 Exile | Tanoa server is now open to the public. We’re running the Arma3 Exile mod with tweaks to the front and back end. The server is running on a dedicated SSD server with consistent FPS. We’ll start with a 40 player cap and if we’re lucky to push that limit we’ll expand accordingly if the community prefers. We don’t want to use a donation system. Instead, we’d like to reward regular players or groups who spend time on the server to keep the community thriving. We have active admins with experience running successful DayZ servers. If you get ArmA'd, we'll try to help you out.
  22. Vial of Salt's ExileZ Server

    Welcome to Vial of Salt's ExileZ Server. (Date Started 12/19/16) Requirements: APEX, Exile, and Zombies and Demons. This is a PvP server. Don't whine when you lose gear, vehicles or items. Current Scripts: Halo Jump Towing AI Missions Planning on adding more! Current Hardware: M.2 SSD Storage 3.4GHz Haswell-E CPU Gigabit Network/Uplink Headless Client We recommend you run the latest arma3client_performance_166_139792_v7.7z released from BIStudio. Server IP: :2302
  23. [EU] Miri's Exile PVE | Tanoa |

    Mods required: Exile mod (1.0.2) RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation RHS: United States Armed Forces Extended Base Mod Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Sling Loading Arma Enhanced Movement Arma Enhanced Movement: Exile pbo Ryan's Zombies and Demons Addons and script: Every 3 hour Server restart Contaminated island -> PVP Island ( removed contamination ) PVE PVP Events + Loot AI missions Roaming AI Heli Crashes Lifting & Towing Hard AI Safe Zone Traded City's With and without Save Zone's Infistar Exile Custom Missions
  24. Hey guys, I am trying to install the advanced towing, and the read me doesn't seem very clear to me. Is there a step by step install guide anywhere that I can't seem to find. All of the install guides I am finding are seemingly very vague to me. (I am a new admin, so I am still learning). What I did so far was modify the fn_advancedTowingInt.sqf to modify parameters like how many vehicles can be towed, if they can be towed while locked, in safes zones, etc, I saved that file and packed the folder up into a .pbo and put that on my server under @ExileServer > Addons. Second, I pulled out my altis.pbo mission file and modified the CfgRemoteExec.hpp (because i'm running infiSTAR) and inserted this line of code like the read me stated. class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 0; class SA_Simulate_Towing { allowedTargets=0; }; class SA_Attach_Tow_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; }; class SA_Take_Tow_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; }; class SA_Put_Away_Tow_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; }; class SA_Pickup_Tow_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; }; class SA_Drop_Tow_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; }; class SA_Set_Owner { allowedTargets=2; }; class SA_Hint { allowedTargets=1; }; class SA_Hide_Object_Global { allowedTargets=2; }; }; class Commands { mode=0; jip=0; }; }; Third, I added the mod to my servers custom launch parameters so that my launch code looked like this: @Exile -servermod=@ExileServer;@infiSTAR_Exile;@SA_AdvancedTowing When I saved and rebooted my server, it wouldn't even show up in the server list, so I know I did something wrong, but that's basically me following all of the instructions I've been able to find. I've since went back to an old build and the server is back up, but any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks gents. @duda