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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, Newest member of the Exile Life Dev Team, and I was wanting to show you guys a little bit of what I do. Hope you guys can stop by and keep me company
  2. Hey guys, while I play Exile im probably going to be streaming and getting my recordings at the same time. Im going to try to stream at least once a day for a few hours or so, usually announcing when im starting on Twitch. I dont have a set schedule due to school and work wreaking havoc on my life. I will also be posting in this topic whenever I am going live. I will usually be playing with Hunter Gaming, search for him on YouTube if you want to check him out, hes a cool guy! Thanks for reading, you can visit my streak by clicking the link below. Twitch
  3. I'm a streamer on twitch and I play on CCG's US chernarus server and looking for people to play with.
  4. Bonjour à tous, Vous souhaitez référencer votre serveur, votre youtube/twitch etc ? N'hésitez pas à vous rendre sur dans le menu "L'Annuaire des serveurs" GamerCenter c'est: des tests de matos, de jeux, des streams, un annuaire pour référencer vos serveurs ou alors pour en tester des nouveaux ! Un forum est présent, des tutoriels seront bientôt ajoutés au site internet Nous souhaitons vraiment rallier deux communautés existantes: les geeks et les gamers ! Nous avons pour l'instant 1 serveur Arma3 et avons prévu 1 serveur ArmA3 Exile/Dayz, Garry's Mod, HL, Counter et bien d'autres.. Un TeamSpeak est aussi à votre disposition avec la possibilité d'avoir vos propres channels >>>
  5. So I'm fairly new to the whole Arma and DayZ experience and I must say... I am fucking mind blown. No other way to put it. The graphics are not the best graphics I've ever seen, but its top 5. The base building is sick in Exile and Epoch. There is a whole list, but hey if you are here reading this then you already know how awesome Arma is. Now lets talk about my topic a little more. This has to do with two things: Learning how to live stream in general. And if anyone is interested in live streaming Arma 3 with me? Now to get into things. I am currently a Pro Gamer for the Star Wars Battlefront Series Original - Current (9-21-04__Current 2016), 7 years running World Champion (SWGO, NYC, ~SS~, _iJo), and 10 year running leader of the "~MX~" Alpha through Charlie Teams. So I am obviously very involved and dedicated in the series and in gaming in general. So I have recently become interested in learning how to live stream myself and or to live stream with someone else. I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there that wants to maybe live stream Arma 3 and its mods to Twitch TV or other sites? I think it would be a lot of fun and it could be a learning experience for me when it comes to knowing how to live stream. Thank you for your comment and I really appreciate your time. Ask for my Steam if you are interested. - ~MX~ Padawan LucasArts Inc.
  6. Hi Folks, I have been streaming on the old Exile mod for a bit now, would love for folks to come sit and chat and enjoy a bit of 1 on 1 If you want to see my latest escapade then view here sorry for the atrocious laugh You can find my channel here I generally stream 6pm till 10pm UK time. See you soon
  7. Hello everyone, I got exile mod yesterday, and from tommorow i will start streaming it on probably daily basis. So if anyone want to join my stream and help me, please message my. When streaming i pretty much get from 40 to 120 viewers. Thx all
  8. I stream fairly regularly. I've been playing Exile and King of the Hill mostly. I've been working on a terrain since earlier this year called Navis, so I might stream my work from time to time. My buddy and I are also working on getting a Exile Taviana server up for the US.
  9. Just thought I'd drop MrBendiksens stream in here, pretty chill Norwegian guy (English in stream) who's been playing quite a bit of Exile Esseker daily. Good quality stream regarding setup (decent mic, cam and green screen). He's live as of right now (12pm GMT) but obviously may not be by the time you read this! MrBendiksen - Twitch Link Thanks!
  10. Hello, My name is Wild Python. I invite you to my two channels: and on my page on Facebook: Here is one of our battles in Exile: See you on the map Witajcie, Nazywam się Dziki Pyton. Zapraszam Was na moje dwa kanały: oraz na moją stronę Facebooku: Oto nasza ostatnia akcja w Exile: Do zobaczenia na mapie