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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Thought I would do this to help my fellow Vilayer Admins. First you will need: Filezila - Client Notepad++ - PBO Manager - ok, here it goes. Download your InfiSTAR zip file from the website when you purchase it and save it to a file called Infistar. Go into the folder and click SERVER_ARMA3_FOLDER then click on @infiSTAR folder then click on addons then a3_infiSTAR_Exile you should have files in there. You are looking for the file EXILE_AHATCONFIG.sqf. In there you need to change passwordAdmin = "add rcon password " E:G passwordAdmin = "56YU7" Then go to adminUIDandAccess = "UID1","UID2" and put your arma ID in adminUIDandAccess "78678367263869878",UID2, There are other things in here you can config but I will just go over InfiSTAR. Now that you have done that you can now save this file and go back to a3_infiSTAR_Exile and right click this folder and make a PBO. Now make a file in the root directory of your server using filezila called @infiSTAR_Exile and in that make a folder called addons. Now add the a3_infiSTAR_Exile.pbo in there. Now go back to your root directory and place the arma.dlls files in there at the bottom. Next place the files that are in the MPmission folder from your infiStar download into your vilayercodecustom/mission/exile/altis. (the new infistar comes with the description.ext file already done for you, but if you are doing the old way then follow what shane martin does on the description.ext) Now copy all the battleye files from your infistar download into your Name_MasterConfiguration/battleye. Now that's you done this side. We need to go activate it on your server ACP panel. So log on to your ACP Panel and go to your server manager. In there make the access level advanced. In there you should add @Exile to your Add client mods. And add -servermod=@ExileServer;@infiSTAR_Exile; to Add server mods. Then press execute. ( I always restart my server here just to make sure it take affect) Now you are good to go. You may encounter battleye script restrictions now ,but there is a way on the forum on how to get around them. If anyone needs help just say. I run a server my self so I might not get back to you straight away. Or you could add me on steam at kidesh and I will get back to you sooner. See Ya
  2. I have a server hosted with ViLayer. Besides the obviously required Exile mod, was also run Ryan Zombies. We have several addons too for missions: DMS, VEMFr, ExileZ 2.0 and also R3F Tow script, but no other mods per-say. We have noticed several players who are able to join the server successfully (because they have Exile installed properly), but they do not see or hear any of the zombies and as a result they are killed by an unseen foe. We have tried to let these players know that Ryan Zombies is required, but some of them still struggle with getting it properly installed and activated with launch parameters. You know...the usual advanced stuff that not all players know how to do. While looking to see how this could be fixed to make it easier for players to join our server, I noticed some differences between our server listing within A3 Launcher and other servers that also ran Ryan Zombies. The server listings are displayed in the following format: Server Name First | Other info such as map name or PvP / PvE server type, etc, etc. IP address for server | Exile | **other required mods including Ryan Zombies listed for other servers It is in this section of the server info (marked with ** above) that it is different about our server from others I see in the server list in A3 Launcher. Having used A3 Launcher to join and play on other servers I know that it can detect if you have any required mods installed and will activate them for you when you click on the big triangle icon to play on a server. If you do not have a required mod, A3 launcher will ask if you wish to install any missing mods in order to play on the server you attempted to join. Our server displays as such: NATO SuperMax Outbreak NX305 | PVE | @Exile | @RyanZombies | Exile Does anyone have any knowledge on how to set any additional mods beyond Exile to be considered a required mod so A3 Launcher will activate them or force the player to install them in order to join?
  3. Hi. After the recent update and finally getting my server back up and running ( I just seen Lime is coming on Thursday..Woop!) Players are steadily coming back. But after remembering who is who and what kind of players I have on my server I have came to the conclusion. *Everyone is either friendly or will help in some way* So I may not be in the right section to post this and will probably be moved. BUT Is there any clans out there left who like to fight and don't mind dying? Is there any clans who spend days preparing for raids on bases? Now don't get me wrong I have a clan who like to do this but they are up against nobody. So if your out there and want a challenge then come join my server on: PARA-UK| Zeus | 15K start | AI Mission | High loot | RPGs&Tanks Thx
  4. Any ideas for Vilayer hosting rollback (downgrade) ARMA3 to 1.52 ???
  5. I recently purchased a Exile Vilayer server and I'm trying to figure out how to get it all to work and how to change maps and mods etc. I am fairly new to this since its changed quite a bit since I had a arma 2 Epoch server. The few basic questions I have are: 1. Is the below picture which is in the server management section the same as a .bat to start the server with the correct mods? 2. Is the configuration file (config.cfg) the strangely named .cfg file that includes some numbers and and "Masterconfiguration"? 3. Considering I can't find a single pbo in my files on the FTP service I use I'm wondering where to put the mission PBO, say Chernarus for the server to know where to read the files? I hope this was vague enough for someone to have an answer! Thanks!