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Found 43 results

  1. Exile Addons - originally small projects developed for the ArmA Exile communities EXO and SP4R but now rewritten and collected here. The time has come when a private repo just isn't good enough, that's why I continuously will rewrite my scripts and addons from EXO, SP4R and other communities. These remarkable plugins will be collected on GitHub and if you wanna read more on the specific features I'll describe them here. Clarification - You don't need to install all plugins, they are installed individually but some are dependent on others. The Package includes: Core Halo & Parachute Virtual Garage Grinding Hacking StatsBar XM8 Vehicle Upgrade -- Coming Soon Admin Events .. Coming Soon XM8 Apps; CHVD View Distance, Journal, Server Info, Vehicle Garage, StatsBar Settings It's really important that you follow the installation instructions and if anything is ambiguous, comment below. If you have any suggestion or request write them below Since almost all code has been rewritten I can have missed some bugs, just create a new issue on Github and I'll take care of . Encouragements always keep projects alive a little longer . Please consider donating if you like my work. Latest update post New release v.0.8.2
  2. Christian @infiSTAR. I was on @odizzzzle server when someone killed me in a safe zone then spammed me with private chats which lead to infiSTAR to do a ban to my account. is the bann a bug from someone spamming private chats? + safezone ? He is using your XM8 programs (private chat) and of course infiSTAR. semi funny but still an issue if someone can spam a person and they can get banned.
  3. This is a thread is a collection of Apps for XM8 Apps Build Here By Andrew_S90 Use: Allows players to test the spot they are at to see if they can place their territory there Info Page By Shix Use: Allows server owners to display info & Rules within the XM8 View Distance By Shix Use: Allows Players to change their view distance Player Stats By Shix Use: Allow players to view their stats in game through the XM8 Player Scan By Shix Use: Allow players to scan a given area around them for other players Link To Repo If anyone has any scripts that they have made and would like to be showcased feel free to PM me If you have any Request for Apps feel free to post or PM me
  4. Alright, as I once mentioned, I was working on porting the Airdrop Assistance script that I created for A3Wasteland over to Exile. Thanks to the work of Shix on the XM8 App, it gave me the kick to actually get to work and get it ported. This release is the result of that. First, credit to those who have come before: Credits @Janski - @AgentRev - for use of some of the A3Wasteland Functions (Permission Granted from 'Rev) @CreamPie - for the original inspiration to create the A3W Airdrop @Brun - The Brama Cookbook provided me with spacing and such for the app layout @WolfkillArcadia - Advanced Banking compatibility sweetness! -Props to the others fellows whose code I perused to understand dialog functions better. -If I've forgotten anyone specific, speak up! Features Server-side creation of objects and money-handling Unlimited number of categories of drops and drop contents Configurable cool down timer between uses Vehicle Drops (currently non-persistent) Release Video - YouTube Github Repository Install Instructions (ExAd Version) 1) Install ExAd, w/ XM8 Plugin 2) Copy the client folder from the Airdrop Github to the Apps folder. 3) From the config.cpp in the Airdrop Github, you need to add the ExAd_APOC_Airdrop class to the CfgXM8 class within your mission config.cpp 4) You'll need to PBO the exad_apoc_airdrop folder from within the @ExileServer\addons and drop it into your server's ExileServer\addons folder. 5) PROFIT Config Notes You can set the respect threshold for each drop. That is the last numeric field in the included file. If you leave that field out, the script will treat it as if there is no respect threshold. Or so it should. You can copy your old configs over to the new system. You just have to make sure you leave the header and such in the new file. As well as line 11, #include "functions.sqf" Notes: So, the dialog is still kinda buggy. I probably need to add some cleanup lines to empty out the dialog so they reload properly. Side Note: Also, my config is crap, if you hadn't caught on to that. I just threw stuff in there to get some some data in. If someone comes up with a balanced config for a vanilla exile (no weapon/vehicle addons) crate arrangement, I'll gladly drop that in the repo and credit the kind soul who submits. Advanced Banking: So WolfkillArcadia was awesome enough to make the edits for compatibility with AdvancedBanking. So just check the config file for where that gets set. I have no idea if Advanced banking still works in this version of Exile, or if it's configs are still the same. So yeah, let me know if that part of airdrop is broken. Old stuff is in the spoiler for the old app system.
  5. [XM8 APP] Enigma XM8 Security XM8 App that allows you to view and remote control your bases security cameras on your XM8. Comes with an alarm that can be activated to scare off any would be burglars! Nightvision & Thermal Vision included (Thermal can be disabled) Requires: xm8Apps by @Shix to work! Get it HERE! Download XM8 Security: This is an extension of the Exile Base Security System. As such it contains several edited Exile Files. The First Publish of these files incorrectly implied that I created their works. This was NEVER the intention! This has now been corrected and their works have been credited. Thanks Exile Devs for your Fantastic Work! Support Further Development Battleye Filters with thanks to @Austin README
  6. Presenting [BRAma] Cookbook an XM8 App Special Note The below code is open for everyone to change and modify for any purposes, in other words do what you want with it Overview This App allows you to view from your xm8 all available crafting recipes and will show you everything required. Clicking Craft will open the regular exile crafting screen. Categories are dynamically determined based on whether the item is available in traders or not, if they are not available in traders they will be marked as Priceless ( because money cant buy them ) Category is now defined against each recipe see installation instructions for details GitHub Manual Download Zip Download Latest Change | Historical Changes 2016-03-01 | Manual Recipe Categories 2016-02-14 | Removed Invalid Control on ComboBox ( Doesnt cause a problem just put an error in the log ) Installation Adding Categories to Recipes Add a category class to each recipe as per below examples, if you do not add one they will fall under "Uncategorised" Preview
  7. deploy

    We have a XM8 apps for quad and bike deployment but we can't seem to get it to work. Everything works like it is suppose to (character goes through animation, vehicle successfully deployed message pops up and removes item used to make quad or bike is removed from the inventory) with the exception that none of the vehicles will deploy. It says that it is successfully deployed on the players screen but no quad or mountain bike will spawn. We checked to see if it was just spawning somewhere else but it doesn't seem to be the case. I'm not getting any error messages either. Can someone let me know how to fix this?
  8. Made a Script for use with the custom xm8, The feature costs 300 pops (default) and will create a local map marker on the vehicle you are next too along with its classname as the marker text that will stay on the vehicle until server restart. This download has the script and the app icon. NOTE For correct Poptab updating you need @happydayz addon
  9. Small XM8 ExAd app with the primary porpoise to detect hidden DMS AI - warning this will also show all players and vehicles in a 120m radius. And Bloodsuckers if your strolling around at night in Namalsk. Installation Download Changelog
  10. Hi com, on my Server there is an issue that players cant open the 8g network. The territory app doens´t work also. The option "Show my device at 8g network" is turned on! We´re using Battleye without filters and infistar (standart antihack filter). The issue appears first time today. Here is my RPT Log.
  11. okay so i installed EXAd along with the Xm8 addon, before installing xm8 addon am able to open xm8, after adding am not able to. any help?? followed the install instructions step for step, tried fresh server install 3 times now, getting frustrated.
  12. Here I will be releasing my scripts in almost a blog style format. [XM8APPS] XM8Paintshop Difficulty: Easy Desc: Allows players to paint their vehicles with whatever RGB colors they want. Allows 4 Saved colors + preset colors by admin. Does not save over restart. Images: Download: [XM8APPS] TransferRespect Difficulty: Medium Desc: Allows players to Transfer Respect. Players can lose up to 10%(admin configurable) of transferred respect and 10+ players must be online to transfer(admin config.) Images: Download: Note all transfers are logged to .rpt, including amount, sender, reciever, hijacker and online players. [XM8APPS] MapMarkerApp Difficulty: Easy Desc: Allows players to make 6 private map markers that stay over restart/relogging. 9 changeable colors, 4 changeable descriptions, can turn on and off individual markers and change the location at will. Images: Note: Players will have to go into the app and press load changes to see the markers after restart/rejoin.. or load the app twice! Download: [XM8APPS] BaseLocatorApp Difficulty: Easy Desc: Allows players to test the location that they are standing on and see if you are able to build there Images: Download: [XM8APPS] XM8ThermalScannerPro Difficulty: Hard Desc: Allows players to upload their scans from Thermal Scanner Pro. Can enable/disable scroll menu on objects via the App, so you don't accidentally waste scans when scrolling fast. Images: Note: This will allow you to add half used Thermal Scanners, it will take how many uses are left, not the default 5. Download: [MISC] 8G Network Group Colors Difficulty: Medium Desc: Allows players to see their group members as the same color when in the Players App in the XM8 Download: [MISC] Extra Inventory Buttons Difficulty: Medium Desc: Allows the addition of two extra buttons to the bottom of your inventory. Download: Updated for Exile, added an example to show how you would exec a script from a button. 29/03/16 Post below if you need any help! Thanks all
  13. +Deutschlands bester Server+

    Joint auf Deutschlands besten Server. Ihr fragt warum ist das der beste Server. Ganz einfach! Wir hören auf die Wünsche unserer Community!!! Wir arbeiten hart mit eigenden Skripten und Addons daran diesen Server ständig und rundum die Uhr zu verbessern. Wenn ihr selbst bestimmen wollt... Oder Mitspracherecht möchtet, müsst ihr wohl auf diesen Server joinen. Tut ihr es nicht werdet ihr es sich bereuen.... Also man schießt sich.... Ahja, Eltern haften für Ihre Kinder... :-)
  14. XM8CustomDeployBike XM8CustomApps (InfiSTAR) Deploy Bike System by exceptionptr (0x2AFF) Want another feature? Just ask Have fun!
  15. How do i get my xm8 to show my inventory pop tabs and not my locker?

    Hallo Exile-Community, wir (das Team von Universe-Community) haben seit zwei Tagen jetzt unseren eigenen Exile Server. Es werden jetzt von uns Spieler gesucht die Interesse daran haben, aktiv an der Verbesserung unseres Server teilzunehmen, die Spaß am Spiel haben und auf eine Faire Spielweise wert legen. (d.h. kein Baseglitching, keine Hacks usw. Wir alle wissen das Arma viele solcher Dinge zu bieten hat) Wir werden immer stets bemüht sein Fehler so schnell wie möglich auszumerzen und den Server weiter zu verbessern. Was können wir bieten? - Wir besitzen einen Teamspeak - Wir haben Zombies - über 15 AI-Misisonen - die XM8 App - eigene XM8 Apps - weitere Bewaffnete Fahrzeuge - die Möglichkeit Bewaffnete Fahrzeuge zu Rearmen Wenn wir jetzt euer Interesse geweckt haben, meldet euch bei uns auf dem Teamspeak oder besucht einfach unseren Exile Server. Teamspeak Adresse: Exile Server: Einfach nach Universe-community suchen oder direkt über die IP ( auf dem Server connecten. Wir freuen uns auf Euch und hoffen, das ihr viel Spaß auf unserem Server haben werdet. Mit vielen Lieben Grüßen Euer Universe-Community Admin Team.
  17. So how retarded do I have to be for this not to work? Like really. I can set up custom loot tables, I can set up custom trader zones, I can change the prices of the traders, I can do all types of stuff. It's super easy to install any mod, duh. But yet, I can't install inifstar xm8 apps right? RIGHT??? I'm almost done with my server and this is about to turn me into a crazed maniac. So as simple as these instructions are, I followed the literal 1 instruction 100% no way I could have screwed up, yet it will not load the apps. So can anyone that knows what they're doing help me out. Lol.. .
  18. TSG EXILE|25K|XM8|++| (++)

    he dark & omnius era begins, now, you can only try to survive in these hostile conditions... Can you handle it? TSG is not dependent on player donations, TSG in its whole is funded by ImThatGuyM8 and in part Madros55, this is and always will be a hobby project to hone and improve my skills, and in turn create something awesome in the process for you all to play on. We are not going away, we are here to stay. Enjoy! (Oh and we are not like most admins, we will never charge you for anything, we even give away a support crate to new players, as a welcome to our madness!) Server Ip: - TSG EXILE|25K|Highly Customized Survival - 30 Slot, Non-Reserved, Tanoa (Apex) 4 hour restart - Automatic Warnings, Auto lock/Kick Day/Night Vote Disabled - Static server time is between 15.30 - 19.30 (Day/dusk/night in 4 hours) - 2 hour day, 1 hour dusk and 1 hour night Weather, Fog & World Events - 16,5% chance of Sunny, 33% chance of Cloudy and 49.5% chance of thunderstorm/Lighning - Creates a local fog around every player when it starts to get dark - Starts halfway through the restart shcedule, 2 hours in Custom loot spawns - Ordinary Exile items and TSG Mod list loot table Custom Vehicle Trader Menus & Content - Offroad, Armed, Armor, Sports, Exile Cars and Trucks Custom World Map Vehicle spawn - HAP, FMP & Exile (True to the theme of TSG) 25K poptabs Start Bonus (Locker) w/ Axe and a backpack + misc items - Free Support Crate Welcome Package if you register at our forums (Wood or Concrete) (In some rare occasions both) Upgraded Terretories - Level 1 - 11 (Information below) Build, explore & survive - Highly customized survival server - Things can change, change with it - By night, be careful, the raider group is ready to kill you when they find you Advanced Towing - Land/Air/Sea - You need rope to attach to cars (Buy it from Hardware Trader) - Enter all towed vehicles as driver, or it will not work. - Max towing capacity: 3 car/truck/boat line (i.e the you drive one and tow two more behind you) DMS & Exile Occupation (serverside) Roaming Missions - 3 Bandit missions running at any given time (21 in the pool) Roaming Vehicle AI - 5 Vehicles each restart - Kill all AI to unlock cars/Trucks - Rare AI Vehicle Spawn % = 12 (Armed) Random spawning loot crates with AI guards - Custom loot (HAP/HVP/CUP + Exile Items) - Rare item spawn is 15% Dayz style helicrashes - Custom loot (HAP/HVP/CUP) - 5 Crash sites each restart - Rare item spawn is 20% TWD Zombies - Slow walkers(Low reach) - Agressive Zombies (Hungry) - Legally blind Zombies, but they will hear you break wind 100m away. Required Mods: - CBA_A3 - CUP Weapons - Hobo's Arma Pack - Frenzied Mod PAck - Arma 3 Apex DLC - Ryan Zombies & RZInfection - Exile (Who would have known, right?) ...All of which are available on A3Launcher and Arma Launcher (Steam) TSG has 3 types of in-game Exile Admins, each with their own tasks /* Admin class 1 (root) */ root Access - Can do anything, even better than you? /* Admin Class 2 (Support) */ In-game Player Support - Spawn in missing/glitched items/vehicles, kick/ban, Teleport, Spectate, delete Vehicles /* Admin Class 3 (Moderator) */ Kick & Tempban - Basically kick or ban offensive or abusive players, and hackers... TSG Login Reward; _tier1 = 5; //Adds 1x food + 1x drink _tier2 = 10; //Adds 1x random food + 1x random drink _tier3 = 15; //Adds 1x magazine _tier4 = 20; //Adds 1x magazine + 1x drink _tier5 = 25; //Adds 1x magazine + 1x random drink + 1x random food _tier6 = 30; //Adds 1x magazine + 1x ductape/instadoc _tier7 = 35; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1x ductape/instadoc _tier8 = 40; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1/2x ductape/instadoc _tier9 = 45; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1x ductape + 1x instadoc + 1x random food + 1x random drink _tier10 = 50; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1x ductape + 1x instadoc + 1x random food + 1x random drink + 1x beer TSG Territory System; Price Radius Objects {5000, 20, 50 }, // Level 1 entry fee {1000, 25, 75 }, // Level 2 {2500, 30, 10 }, // Level 3 {5000, 40, 125 }, // Level 4 {10000, 50, 150 }, // Level 5 {15000, 60, 175 }, // Level 6 {20000, 70, 200 }, // Level 7 {25000, 80, 250 }, // Level 8 {50000, 90, 300 }, // Level 9 {75000, 100, 400 }, // Level 10 {100000,110, 500} // Level 11 (NEW) TSG Database Information; // Remove all deleted items from the database after X days permanentlyDeleteTime = 3; // Remove all territories (and contructions + containers in it) that were not paid after X days territoryLifeTime = 14; // Remove all containers outside of territories that have not been used for X days // Example: Tents containerLifeTime = 7; // Remove all constructions outside of territories that are older than X days or not moved for X days // Example: Work Benches constructionLifeTime = 2; // Remove all vehicles that were not moved/used for X days vehicleLifeTime = 7; // Set safe as abandoned abandonedTime = 7; // Deletes a base X days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid stolenFlagLifeTime = 3; // Sets door & safe pins to 0000 and marks safes to abandoned X days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid unlockLifeTime = 2;
  19. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Script Apoc Airdrop, ich habe alles eingefügt wie es sollte. Ich habe den XM8 Ordner in den XM8 ordner von exad eingefügt und in der Config habe ich das Script auch eingetragen. Die APP ist auch im XM8 sichtbar. Jedoch kommt kein AirDrop, wenn ich einen anfordere. Der Check ob ich genug Geld dabei habe oder ob ich genug im Locker habe findet auch statt und er schreibt auch das der Drop unterwegs ist. Das Problem ist jedoch es kommt kein Drop und Geld wird auch nicht abgezogen. Kennt jemand dieses Problem bzw. kann mir jemand helfen? RPT schaut komplett sauber aus, keine Fehler bezüglich dem Script zu finden.
  20. Anyone know of any view distance apps? I can't find any that work. I would like to find the view distance that's able to turn off terrain
  21. [FR]i.Mix Community Exile Tanoa

    Migration sur la map Tanoa IP : Site : Forum : TS : Groupe Steam : FB : Pour les teams de 4 joueurs minimum, une caisse avec un drapeau et du stuff de construction pour commencer votre base! Le Modpack i.Mix est nécessaire pour se connecter sur le serveur. Il ajoute armes, véhicules, avions et hélicoptères… Il est hébergé sur un serveur dédié, afin d’avoir une qualité de service optimale. Il est appuyé d’un serveur de test afin d’y essayer toutes nos modifications aux répercussions lourdes afin de limiter au maximum les bugs sur le serveur principal. Un système de slots réservés est prévu, plus de détails bientôt. Toutes les fonctions de bases d’Exile sont bien sûr intégrées et nous nous appuyons sur infiSTAR pour sa sécurisation. JSR4 Apex est compatible avec ce serveur : Quelques fonctionnalités ont été ajoutées afin de rendre votre expérience de jeu la plus intéressante possible : Tablette XM8 améliorée : Journal, liste des crafts, réglages avancés, barre de statut entièrement personnalisable… Garage Virtuel : Vous pourrez stocker jusqu’à deux véhicules personnels dans votre base. Attention cependant lors de leur stockage, le véhicule réapparaîtra à l’endroit où il se trouvait quand vous l’avez rangé donc pensez-y en agrandissant votre base. Aucun remboursement ne sera fait si le véhicule explose en réapparaissant dans un mur. Remorquage réaliste : Trouvez une corde, accrochez un bout à votre véhicule puis la seconde extrémité à l’engin que vous voulez remorquer et c’est parti ! Attention à ne pas rouler trop vite en remorquant des véhicules lents, la mécanique risquerait de ne pas le supporter… Marché Noir : Mettez en vente vos armes et véhicules rares au prix de votre choix et attendez qu’un autre joueur les achète ! Système de missions : Des missions apparaîtront un peu partout sur Tanoa, elles se répartissent en trois catégories : les missions aléatoires qui apparaîtront un peu partout et qui sont les plus « faciles » / les missions statiques qui ont un lieu prédéfini mais qui sont bien plus difficiles et dont les troupes feront appels à des renforts en cas d’attaques prolongées / les missions de contrôles de zones, prenez le contrôle d’une zone en en éliminant la garnison puis tenez la contre les renforts envoyés pour vous déloger ; cependant l’ennemi est mauvais perdant et n’hésitera pas à bombarder la zone plutôt que de vous en laisser le contrôle… Système de spawns dynamiques d’IA (Alliées et ennemies) : Des IA apparaîtront aléatoirement sur la carte, soit à pied soit en véhicules (terrestres et/ou aériens). Crash d’hélicos : Des hélicos s’écraseront aléatoirement sur la map, avec à leur bord des armes et autres équipements introuvables chez les marchands. Le vendeur ne proposera pas toutes les armes, certaines ne seront disponibles que via les missions ou via les crashs d’hélicos disséminés sur la carte. D’autres fonctionnalités seront ajoutées au fur et à mesure, mais de manières réfléchies afin de garder un serveur stable, et optimisé!
  22. Is there any way to remove the default "Server Rules" tab in the XM8? Reason being is I have a more in depth server information script running and I would prefer to not have double of them.
  23. anyone else have this issue? other guys on my server can access theirs without a problem. but pressing 6 now does nothing for me.
  24. Hi all i'm searching how my server can swith on the XM8 (of players) automaticly when they connect ? Thx in advance for any help :-)
  25. Last Stand Gaming - Exile Tanoa

    Welcome to Last Stand Gaming Last Stand Gaming's Exile server will have you hooked with: Intelligent Zombies Challenging Missions w/ Ai Tanoa! Base Building 15k Poptab Start Friendly Admins Experienced Programmers An Immersive PvP Experience If we can fill up all 20 player slots I will by more! Enjoy the server and have fun! If you need any assistance, feel free to join our discord here We are always happy to help. ------- *Last Stand Gaming is sponsered and maintained by The Silent Hand; a gaming clan involved with games like Arma 3, Counter-Strike, Elder Scrolls Online, and many others.*