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John Wolff

sandbag Idea/Qustion, Sandbags and bunkers



I wondered if it is planned to add Sandbags to the craftingtable in the future?
Personally I would love to be able to craft bag walls and small "bunkers" like some of the stuff from ArmA 2.

I would see it being something like this:
step 1. First you would have to buy or find 1 or more sandbags
step 2. combine sandbags with 1 or more wooden half walls, 4 pillars and 1 wooden floor to craft the sandbag bunker nest
and step 3. place it inside your base to give your base a good nest to deploy your LMG in for the ultimate base protection.

Building sandbag walls could also be something to prefer instead of the half wall at the roof of your base to make if more "bulletproof" while trying to defend it.

Also something that would be cool would be something like sandbag walls placed in each corner around your armed vehicle like a Hunter or Humvee or whatever kind of vehicle you prefer, for some protection around the wheels while doing missions or if you just want you vehicle parked like that in your base. (could only be placed around your own vehicle and not in safezones, while bags were deployed, the vehicle would not be movable)

this is just some ideas, I really like sandbag bunkers for some reason and I love basebuilding. Honestly I feel the basebuilding lacks a little bit of stuff like this, it is early and so far it is great! but I also have some issues with the walls being too wide and stuff (this is probably just me) But I like building inside other buildings, putting up doors in exiting houses mostly because I am not a fan of super big square tower castle thingys. But also because I like it to look as realistic as possible.
If I could request anything for this mod, I would request these things:

-Sandbags / Bunkers / walls in a few different variations
-being able to place ONLY the doors so they could fit in a regular house if someone (like me) were able to fortify a building
-Wooden "catwalks" like 1/4th or 1/3rd of a regular wooden floor so that we could make some catwalks in 2nd floors etc.
-Wooden Ramps and/or the ability to make a ramp out of the wooden floor or catwalk
-Deployable sandbags for vehicles
-ArmA 2 Static MG
-Custom Exile versions of the Humvee's and Ural's

well.. this kinda completes my wishlist. hope at least some of you guys agree with some of my ideas/wishes :P
Happy New Year everyone!


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