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Hi Guys,

Not too sure if this is the correct section. I am looking to start a new clan with maybe a few people or just one person... the more the merrier I suppose :)

I have already got the server running and its open for name changes etc Its currently running altis on Tomato with status bar, extra spawns and AI missions... there maybe some missed but you get the drift...

I started making the server for some friends however they dont seem to be wanting to play it much any more so I decided not to let the hard work go to waste. The server needs players and members. I can setup TS3 and all the other jazz I just need some people wanting to be part of it and be leaders and admins of the server too. There doesnt seem to be much point in doing much more than the server at the moment until I get some interest so if anyone wants in could they drop a message on here so we can all get together and make this happen.

Im open to ideas - If this all goes forward I will make a brilliant website for the community along with a TS server. If it progresses further i will then run other game servers on the dedi too.

I look forward to hearing from people and any ideas they may have.



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