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Map Legend

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Well most of us, are making custom trades, and some are even making hole Trader towns...

But, is there a way to make a Legend for those Icons we are all posting on our maps, to show what is what... DMS has a small one in the left corner of the map... but something like that.... but with all those crazy "unit types"...


if (DMS_ShowDifficultyColorLegend) then
        private "_title";
        _title = createmarker ["DMS_MissionMarker_DifficultyColorLegend",[-500,-200]];
        _title setMarkerColor "ColorRed";
        _title setmarkertext "DMS Mission Difficulties Color Legend";
        _title setMarkerType "mil_dot";
        _title setMarkerAlpha 0.5;
            private ["_difficulty", "_color", "_num", "_pos", "_circle", "_dot"];

            _difficulty = _x;
            switch (_difficulty) do
                case "easy":         {_color = "ColorGreen";};
                case "moderate":     {_color = "ColorYellow";};
                case "difficult":     {_color = "ColorRed";};
                case "hardcore" :     {_color = "ColorBlack";};

            _num = -200 * (_forEachIndex - 0.5);
            _pos = [100,_num];

            _circle = createMarker [format ["DMS_MissionMarker_DifficultyColor_%1",_color], _pos];
            _circle setMarkerColor _color;
            _circle setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE";
            _circle setMarkerBrush "Solid";
            _circle setMarkerSize [100,100];

            _dot = createMarker [format ["DMS_MissionMarker_Difficulty_%1",_difficulty],_pos];
            _dot setMarkerColor "ColorWhite";
            _dot setMarkerType "mil_dot";
            _dot setMarkerAlpha 0.5;
            _dot setMarkerText _difficulty;
        } forEach ["hardcore","difficult","moderate","easy"];

Edited by [DoN] El Toro [dk]

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I guess that the "easy" way is to make the marks and give them names, somewhere in the water... But it sure would be nice with a Clean way... Really no ideas?

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