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Can someone please tell me how to change the battleye filters for ACE and CBA, when I put those mods on my server battleye lights up like a Christmas tree, I tried to follow the battleye guide but it doesn't look anything like what my kicks look like so I don't know how to create exceptions. I really don't wanna mark all the scripts to 1 (log only) because what is the point of having battleye if it doesn't block stuff I don't want? So if someone could please tell me how to set up the filters for ACE and CBA that would be great! Or maybe someone can post the battleye filters for them and I can do a diffmerge and break it down myself, thanks.

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I read somewhere else in these forums that people who finally managed to run them had conflicting medical damage i.e bullets cause your "ace" health to fall,and everything else like falling from height,zeds and all that caused your "xm8" health to fall..


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