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So, I understand A3AXI has been discontinued, but my issue isn't something i'm sure someone already knows the answer to.


The AI currently keep running into the traders and firing at players. Obviously can't be killed so admins have to fly about deleting them. Just looking for a solution really. Any ideas sept making a wall round the trader which is my next step.


My a3axi blacklist is below. Some custom traders in there too which i shouldnt think would effect it.


    //Array of positions defining trader locations. AI will be non-hostile and damage immune around this area.
    //Use this if your server is not using the standard Exile trader markers or sensors in mission.sqm
    //For performance reasons, do not add locations other than actual trader positions to this array.
    //Example: traderAreaLocations[] = {{2998.06,18175.5,0},{14600,16797.2,0},{23334.6,24188.9,0}};
    traderAreaLocations[] = {{2998.06,18175.5,0},{14600,16797.2,0},{23334.6,24188.9,0},{6657.14,12659.4,0},{9156.611328,21619.970703,0}};

Many thanks.

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