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I currently cannot find the video, but i swear to god i saw a video of someone building with arma 3 ammo crates

The standart storage one in exile gives 600 capacity, which isnt quite enough for my needs.

I looked on the how to do your own crafting things post, and all that i understand, but my question is it possible to add a place-able item? Doesnt really matter to me what the icon looks like, and it places a for example - I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F box, that saves its stored items into the database?

Im pretty sure this was possible in A2, so i guess it should be possible here, any help appriciated


Edit: Also for that generic crate, is it counted as a vehicle? Maybe i could just put it in the vehicle trader and then have it be able moved by a helicopter etc?

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Implement the extended base mod for Exile and you can craft a placeable ammo crate, among many other types of crates, that probably hold much more for your needs.

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On 1/24/2016 at 3:01 PM, Fidycent said:




Please disregard this post I didn't realize how old it was, I cant seem to delete my own posts. 



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