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Adding Vehicles for Show

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Hi there...

I would like to add some cars and stuff to the areas with my custom trades... but how do I make them unusable? 


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What I do to accomplish this is place the object in the Mission.sqm in the MPMissions folder -> your mission file.

I place the vehicles I want on the position I want them to be using macca's editor and export the file to SQF.
I then open up the server's mission.sqm in Arma's 2D editor and place some objects there, for instance a Hunter. I double click the hunter and hit the Locked for players option. I save the file and go to my Documents/Arma 3 - other profiles/ Dutchy/ missions, and open up the saved mission (the one I placed the Hunter in).

After that I replace the Hunter's Coords with one of the Cars's coords (the ones I placed using macca's editor) and reload the mission with the Arma's 2D editor and as you can see the Hunter's coords have changed. You obviously will need to change the Hunter's classname to change it to a vehicle of your liking.

This method can be used for anything really. If you have any Suggestions, Questions or Issues please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards,

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