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I have been running an exile server for a few months now. In my opinion the best mod out there. I do realize I'm a nobody out here just signed up a few minutes ago. I see a lot of feature changes to make things more dangerous. while I agree out there it should not be a safe place.. why cant *I* the server owner have a easy 1-on 0-off on most all features so I can choose a balance between safety and being in a griefer's society. I mean.. after changes they are considering... i can steal a car 20(exaggerated..) different ways!! wow... because 1 way wasn't enough.. but i ask, where is the content? I don't need a story line but something to do.. where I am able to do many things a day because there are soo many things to pick from.. Grow my own food? manufacture my own supplies, weaponry, more building components, open my own traders where i supply their inventories with products that i loot, choose prices, and I make tabs... i mean once I'm established.. i don't even have to loot ever again... because the traders inventory is infinite. I spawn, buy, spawn, buy... bases.. why even build them? they are destructible.. I'm going to spend several hours building a base to log back in and its destroyed? make the materials need multiple people working together to produce enough damage to take it out.. like groups of 4 or 5..( one game I played it took hours for a small group to take down a base where as 5 or 10 can do it in half the time and one or 2 people couldn't do it at all. They would be in the open just as much as the base was for retailation if they actaully had to work for it.)   what about stronger building materials, to make them work for it.. even rare items that they could after a huge amount of time looting, can eventually make a base that is impervious to weaponry (aww sorry griefers guess you didn't work hard enough...)  but just as people should have buildings they can destroy and raid another should be able to build something impervious just make it hard for either to do. I would like to see more configuration options to tailor my server to the clients I have connecting.. or i loose them... more content = more things for people to do = more people in the open = more blood and until blood is actually spilt others have something to do. I love this addon and would like to see waay more content and waay more config options. It has incredible potential! keep up the good work!!

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