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 "Kastro Castle" static mission for Altis.
 Created by [CiC]red_ned using templates by eraser1
 Credits to @Lunchbox for mapping :
 17 years of CiC
 For Altis only.
 Running on DMS System

1.  Copy kastro_castle.sqf into a3_dms.pbo missions/static
2.  Copy kastro_castle_buildings.sqf into a3_dms.pbo objects/static
3.  Extract  map_configs/altis_config.sqf
4. Find
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["saltflats",1],["slums",1]];
 Change to (or add extra)
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["saltflats",1],["slums",1],["kastro_castle",1]];
5. Find
 DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects"];
 Change to (or add extra)
 DMS_StaticMissionTypes append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects","kastro_castle_buildings"];
6. Repack altis_config.sqf into PBO
7.  Put a3_dms.pbo into /@ExileServer/addons/ on server and start.

****** Updated to fix one group of AI spawning in rocks ******

****** fixed typo ******

Install instruction and images in download from

No BE or InfiSTAR additions apart from what you installed to run DMS. this will not run without DMS.

You can edit the mission text by changing the following in kastro_castle.sqf

// Define Mission Start message
_msgStart = ['#FFFF00', "CiC-Admins have invaded the castle gift shop"];

// Define Mission Win message
_msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have successfully killed the CiC-Admins and stolen all the crates"];

// Define Mission Lose message
_msgLOSE = ['#FF0000',"CiC-Admins got bored and buggered off taking all the goodies..."];









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41 minutes ago, rb19810507 said:

I have a bug,i have 5 ai-s spawned in the rock,can you help me with this?

I will take a look to check if something isn't too close on AI spawn

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thanks for help,teh mission is realy good,my players love it:P


Edited by rb19810507

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had to update as there was a typo on line 43 of mission file which had a "3" at the end of a line for some reason, updated link

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Red, after installing this step by step, when I log into server I get my status bar on the bottom, ie pop tabs / health / respect ect ect, but the screen otherwise is entirely black.  I can not do anything else except ctrl/alt/delete and close arma 3. Game is not locked up, I am getting 60 fps, because the screen is all black, lol, but can not play obviously.  Any ideas how to correct that? 


Could this be an issue if Kavala is indeed a spawn city?

DMS_SpawnZoneNearBlacklist            = 2500;                        // Missions won't spawn in a position this many meters close to a spawn zone

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