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Fatal Error Launching With Exile


Greetings Devs,


I have been trying to play Exile for 3 months now and have had no luck. I have used the A3 launcher to install all the nessecary requirements for playing the game as per requested by exile users. When I attempt to launch the game I receive an error for (( Circular Addon Dependency in "AiA_Afghan_Config" )) From what I have gathered All In Arma Terrain is causing this issue, but I have no idea why or how to fix it. I've spent the last couple days scouring the internet for answers and have come up with nothing. PLEASE HELP ME!! I really want to try this mod out.

All In Arma Terrain Is up to date from ARMA-Hollic them selves and verified by the A3 launcher. I'm stumped.


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Please understand that the developers are busy working on Exile and can not answer questions concering addons or content which is not created by Exile.

Im sorry if you want to play Exile mod all you need is Exile mod... If you trying to join a server with another mod i bet your best shot is A3Launcher and asking server admin for help. Check your addons and validate them. Use the ones from A3Launcher not another ones. Validate your game in steam. With so little information i can't really help you. The error says that the addons you were running are dependant on another one. Which means either you need to download something else or what you have is corrupted so it needs to be redownloaded/revalidated.


Also asking in community subforum would probably give you more respond.

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