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Idea for Bambi killers :)


Dear developer(s),

I've been playing DayZ Exile for a while now and I absolutely love it! Although me and my friends found a big issue that might have to be improved.

Bambi camping, bambislayers, spawnkilling, etc:

One pain in the @ss that I had was getting killed while still being in Bambi mode. Now people who like spawnkill people say that the 'penalty' isn't that paying that much of a high price. So I was thinking; give a Bambi mode player some more time to explore(until he/she pickes up a weapon of course) and withdraw money from spawnkilling campers who kill bambis. 

I hope this gets noticed and that it also could be improved.  


Kind regards . 

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Hello, i do agree on that yet we do not develop DayZ but only just Exile not DayZ Exile or Exile DayZ. You can tell the server owner to increase the punishment.

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