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Customize/create traders


Dear Developer!

Id like to know how i can customize my custom traders:

how can i configure their equipment/look/weapon holding,...? - i dont like this standard custom trader overall :(

how can i modify them as a vehicle trader? - i want to config a custom vehicle trader and with the regular custom trader its not possible.

is there any list of movements for bots/traders? (["HubStandingUA_move1", "HubStandingUA_move2", "HubStandingUA_idle1", "HubStandingUA_idle2", "HubStandingUA_idle3"] etc...)

how can i customize the displayed selling price of items?

is there any way to add nonstandard vehicle paintings for vehicles like uaz,golf,hmmwv etc at the vehicle customs trader?

is there a way to remove special weapons on vehicles for example LAV only with m240?





Edit: nothing to do with the theme but i would be pleased to see that the hemmt box gets more capacity (maybe in about as much as a stallion? (=)

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Customization of traders will change dramatically in the upcoming version. For now, it is not possible to easily add vehicle skins or create custom vehicle traders. You can only add new vehicles.

Pricing of items will not change as that much. But almost all of your questions have been answered a gazillion of times in the customization forums. Could you please use the search function?

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