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Gene Hunt

want to be a part owner of a exile server for just £2.50 pm (or even just join the group)

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ok so lets get started..

me and another friend have started a group about a year ago called uk relentless and over the past few years have had many arma servers

but due to other members (which have now been kicked out) with there admin tool foolishness ruined the server and lost all our player base.


so we are looking to start a new server on exile and also get a few players into our group uk relentless  for some arma 3 fun...


if you are intrested in being a part owner all we are asking for is to pay a small fee which goes to the server (which we all pay)

this get you the right to vote in the addons for the server and also your own teamspeak room to hangout in.


all paying staff will get full admin tools, but to warn that any misuse of the tools will be a instant ban, we had one server wih 35 regular players daily and due to a few individuals lost them all and the server went down.


some of the positions to be filled are

1.scripter designer/admin game support

4.artwork designer


also if the server takes off a few more positions will be needed


so if you fancy being a part of this new adventure where you  would like to be in a group who likes to have some fun and banter and enjoy games and not take it to serious but can be adult enough to run a server then please contact me




please join and have a chat with us even if you just want to play arma 3 with us as we are looking for normal members


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just felt like it

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