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Floating Columns / My Thoughts so far.

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Hello all,

After the released of 0.9.6 RC3 I noticed that some buildings got replaced or removed.  In the city of Vorkuta  where a supermarket used to locate, now you find 2 floating columns ( picture attached).

Not sure if it was only a glitch...


-My thoughts so far;

Loving the Big map so far and the current changes on 0.9.6 are awesome. Now as far the small island goes I feel that something needs to be added there for players to want to go to that island.

Maybe is too early to tell, but in one week of playing on Namalsk I only went there once since there isn't a lot going on... Maybe a Huge Military compound or traders once those are in.

Multiple small lootable towns there would be nice as well!




-We also tried locking a vehicle while in combat and had to manually input the codes again, so that is working Perfectly :D 

-Tried fixing a vehicle and can't move or touch anything until is all done ( only able to look to the sides), so again working as it should.


I'll keep checking for anything else while playing, but overall I'm loving it :D



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Seems like your DL was corrupted, is that issue with the missing supermarket still present on your computer?
I can't reproduce it.

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