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Help with a few bugs in my RPT


Can someone please tell me if this is normal or how to fix? Thx.

1. These "unknown" show up in my RPT log:

15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: MainTurret - unknown animation source mainTurret
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: MainGun - unknown animation source mainGun
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: Ammo_belt_rotation - unknown animation source ReloadAnim
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: Bolt_reload_begin - unknown animation source reloadMagazine
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: muzzleFlash - unknown animation source muzzle_source
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: zaslehROT - unknown animation source muzzle_source_rot
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: AddAutonomous_unhide - unknown animation source autonomous_unhide
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: bullet001_reload_hide - unknown animation source revolving
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: RotorImpactHide - unknown animation source rotorHFullyDestroyed
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: TailRotorImpactHide - unknown animation source tailRotorHFullyDestroyed
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: propeller1_rotation - unknown animation source rotorH
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: propeller2_rotation - unknown animation source rotorV
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: propeller1_hide - unknown animation source rpm
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: MainTurret - unknown animation source mainTurret
15:27:49 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: MainGun - unknown animation source mainGun
15:27:51 "ExileServer - Spawning Dynamic Vehicles. GridSize: 2200 Vehs/Grid : 5"
15:27:51 Land_Box_AmmoOld_F: Ammo_hide - unknown animation source Ammo_source
15:27:51 Land_Box_AmmoOld_F: AmmoOrd_hide - unknown animation source AmmoOrd_source
15:27:51 Land_Box_AmmoOld_F: Grenades_hide - unknown animation source Grenades_source
15:27:51 Land_Box_AmmoOld_F: Support_hide - unknown animation source Support_source
15:28:07 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: [BIS_fnc_preload] ----- Scripts initialized at 22863 ms -----"

2. Some more animation errors:

15:29:28 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aim_obstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:29:28 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aim_fromobstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:29:28 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aim_toobstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:29:28 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aimpistol_obstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:29:28 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aimpistol_fromobstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:29:28 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aimpistol_toobstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:29:35 MovesType CfgMovesMaleSdr load time 7497 ms

Any help would be appreciated :)


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