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Exile don't have AI, I'm questioning DMS and ArmA 3 vanilla AI _not_ Exile (by far the best persistant mod/mission yet)

To start off, I easily learn any kind of modern coding language to a "script kiddie" level. I have no issues adding simple things to missions or scripts. - Exile well the convoluted code kills me it takes more than 45 minutes to understand the whole thing and I give up, I get payed to understand stuff at work not while playing. Easy stuff such as adding a XM8 script is ok. The other magic i beyond me, and please admit that the code in Exile is way more hardcore than most other "mods"

AI coding - no game has ever perfected this. And to be honest my coding limits are way off. AI will not be something I ever work on.

Arma genre - c'mon it's in the lower end of gaming AI. Installing MCC and confronting AI that actually always try to flank you simply changes your method of attacking, ie. it's not "AI" the basic AI is used but waypoints are made in a flanking "behavior" and that's simply different not "smart".

What I'm missing is not aim skill or such % stuff. I'd like to have a human AI playstyle.

  1. If something is in the line of sight wait some time then drop the "hook".
  2. It's dark/night/overcast, as a human player without night vision you see 20-40m, vanilla AI kills you from hundreds of meters even though they don't have night vision
  3. It's dark, as a human player you can hear other combatants but you cannot aim solely from that sound, maybe AI got super ears? - btw. that audio is awful, is there a mod for this. This new "stereo" thing doesn't show at all atm. Real life you hear a shot, if you hear 5 more you KNOW the direction. In ArmA 3 you can easily mix up the source/impact since the sounds a very weak. In any other modern shooter you can almost aim using the sound alone. I'm really asking is there a sound mod fixing this?
  4. MCC flanking then returning to "zone" is way better than vanilla follow forever (Exile - DMS - Vanilla AI)
  5. MCC cover fire. If I drop to cover when being fired upon then AI should, using smoke if appropriate is sugar on top. It's still extremely basic.
  6. Give any player or person a sniper rifle and a good scope and they will have a better "aim skill" compared to iron sight carbine "aim skill" where is that in the AI

Sometimes at total darkness while raining and overcast, you're blind and deaf AI is not, without knowing for sure I'd say this would need to be fixed by Bohemia, I find it hard to believe it's possible to script this kind of AI without killing most servers. ie. AI needs fixing from aim % to "brain" % and I do not believe it can be done by scripting.

I'm asking this here since the code for this "mod" has displayed "above and beyond" general and specific coding skill and with the exception of MCC to me seems to have the deepest knowledge on scripting for ArmA when it comes to delivering "fun gaming experience". What can be done within the ArmA 3 framework regarding AI without killing other stuff people want to add to their PvE missions. My layman guess is that it's very limited possibilities, the MCC method of "flanking" is the best that can be done, but then I have been amazed by MCC and Exile so maybe something can be done. It might be that someone here knows. To reiterate, MCC enemies are different but I haven't seen what the tin says "MCC have a dynamic AI system that called GAIA that gives AI more human like tactics while they flank, support and use CAS or artillery." Well they do flank but that's it. It's a good start.

Basic example of "broken" AI: Start the editor, add an artillery platoon and add an enemy recon squad, give waypoints that will cause them to attack each other, add a civilian as a player and watch the artillery platoon perform a rush attack firing on the recon squad more or less while moving. That's not how artillery works, they behave like tanks. I suppose there are tricks to make them behave better but still, it shows they are actually tank AI not artillery, add another squad 100m from the first one and they will not run to cover, it's artillery that should be standing still and killing them from faaar away, but then again since the artille is tank AI firing from 200m not 2km why run.

Whats your thoughts on the ArmA AI?

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