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Kennel Gaming (a home for lost dogs)is building staff to develop and host a modded exile server, we are recruiting active staff and future staff members for the community/server, 

Positions Available:
Coders, scripters, game developers

Public relations, website development, promotions, business development
For these positions we need some adult, english speaking TeamSpeak using members and for coding not a just starting, think I know what I'm doing, fake it till I make it types, thank you.
We have a number of PR elements in mind, again candidates should have decent communication skills...

Future Positions
Once we get close to release we will need...



Play Testers

Currents Mods/Features  Included or considered:

Missions, Invasions, Persistant and evolving events...
Poliical and external interest groups (simulated)...
Zeus (admin and development access)
Custom Loot Tables
Roleplay and storyline events (some)
Contact Bloodyrag at:
or Bridson at:

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We plan on several community servers and some private for off map matches and events, currently building on some test servers, the Tenoa map looks really good, for now we will probably run a Cherno and Altis, we are looking into implementing a number of mod features to enhance performance and gameplay (like a frekin garage to store some vehicles so the server doesn't have to spawn in a billion), we have a decent roadmap and a lot of nice ideas on how to expand the experience to involve some other features, perhaps some roleplay areas, warzones, infestation events that the community can influence the outcome on, government and external forces that have there own agenda and can invade, offer special missions with unique rewards, etc...

We plan to have the admins a lot more involved in the game dynamics, perhaps role playing out special missions, events, characters in the story line, and some real map changes as a result of the communities decisions on how to deal with events, like ignore a invasion and they destroy a trader spot, then next reset you may have roaming traders to compensate, or you'll have to work a campaign to restore some order. Rescue the scientist group to gain research into new weapons and a cure for a recent zombie outbreak in an area, kill them and the outbreak spreads, or use their resources and chemical attack your rivals to turn them into zombies. A more dynamic economy with missions strewn into the events, prisoners can be contacted to run guns and supplies for the government or a aggressive trader group, but they can be attacked by ai, desperate villagers, or rival factions that are trying to get those materials for example, we want a dynamic experience utilizing many more resources in game.

Warzone may include almost all game assets, tanks, apc, uav, but the cost and risk escalate as well, objectives can be in and out of server, developing loyalties with external factions to aquire new technologies, zombifying chemical weapons, it's tricky to find a balance so butt munches aren't just rolling around nuking everyone, so we are working out rules, zones, gameplay dynamics to balance all these elements, it will be awesome, but it's a lot of work.

We are currently adding and testing all the vanilla content, and soon we will be working out the mods, again it will be a massive amount of resources and we have to find a balance for the server performance, the finances and support will come in time, already know that, but a good team is important, been in enough communities to see the difference...

I produce music so we will have some nice intro and cinematic elements in time as well, to tie in with events and the storyline, which we want the community involved in creating, after all it's our exile...

Nuff said...

Btw I sent request to both of you for discussions...


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Looking for any players with exile map editing experience.  setting safezones loot spawns ect. If you have experience in these areas then please get in contact with either on this post or by email and we will be in contact with you within 2 days

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We now have a Kermana map exile server running, IP is  (tis sweetness indeed) (AI will kick your ass if you don't use some tactics)

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Since the recent updates destroyed the skybox and loot  system on our servers, were chillin till Bohemia and Exile release there Apex and such, we can't fix problems at the rate they're breaking them, we will have a Tenoa Exile mostly vanilla shortly after the July 11th release...

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