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Yellowish Contrast Video? Please Help

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Hi, I play arma 3 exile and I have a problem thats bugging me, everyone has normal arma screen colors, but in exile its yellowish and its bugging me, not whole screen yellow but, yellow bloomy or everything is just yellowish idk how to explain it, if anyone else had this problem, please tell me how to fix it, I go into my video settings and the colors are back but when I press esc. to go back playing its yellowish again. Yellow Filterish. 


Filterish -

Normal (In Video Settings) -

YES! I did re-download it and its still weird.

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What are your computer specs. Also if you're getting 11 fps on low then its probably that your computer can't handle arma or the card itself is having issues with the game

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Does this happen on every single server and game mod(e)? If yes, either something with your hardware might be wrong, or you did adjust the default colour settings (Configure -> Game -> Colors). If not, it might be a server preset setting. I have seen this on servers myself.

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