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Hi, I am a player exile, I do know how to play,  and I was looking for a couple buddies to do missions and stuff with, on the server I play though because it has zombies and good loot spawns and I have a small territory. 

  • I am accepting Americans, English.
  • Age 13+
  • Skype (Jbyates0809)
  • Steam ([TFE] EclipseSoul)
  • The following Mods: Ryan Zombies | MAS Weapons | MAS Vehicles | Esseker | CUP Terrains - Maps | CUP Terrains - Core | Exile
  • Not new to Exile
  • Knows how to be mostly Neutral to players and Aggressive to those who chose not to be Neutral
  • Is fine with being recorded and uploaded to YouTube

Thank you and have a good day!  


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1 hour ago, MetalHead said:

I lolled hard at this.. > I am accepting Americans, English.

Yes because I had an American last time and they spoke Spanish the whole time so it pissed me off.

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