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Hello members of the Exilemod community,

I am looking to create a new community/clan for ARMA 3. I have a vast amount of previous knowledge regarding game servers, hosting and administration and will be funding everything myself (unless an offer for Co-Owner comes along.) I am looking to make a team/group to administer and monitor the server as well as develop and help expand player base and the game play. I am starting off with a vanilla Exile server and expanding upon it at time goes on.

I am looking for the following:



1x Head Admin

1x Community Manager

1x Admin

2x Moderators


1x Co-Owner

1-2x Devloper


Note: You must be able to provide a valid and informative explanation on why you want to join as your desired position and how you think it suits you. Past experiences and proof may greatly increase your chance of being chosen.

I personally will talk with each individual and decide whether or not you are acceptable.


  • 17+
  • Must have a microphone
  • Must be active on whatever VOIP comms we use. (Teamspeak, Vent etc)
  • Zero tolerance to admin abuse. 

I understand that people have day jobs and lives, as do I so we can discuss the required amount of activity based around your role and real life situations.

I myself work an 8 hour job as a network manager and technician so I understand work demands.

Example Application (If you believe there are others things which could increase your chance of being chosen then add a suitable question and answer it. Make your application unique.):


Name (Can be IRL first name or username):

Age (17+):

Country (Servers will be UK based unless there is US demand):

Why you want to join:

What makes you suitable for the position:

(Add your own things here to make your application suit you and unique)

Developers can PM me to discuss the possibility and negotiation of payments (Must provide examples and proof that your work is of high quality and worth prices you're asking for).

All apps can be submitted as a response or through PM if you don't wish for other people to see/read. 

Any questions, please PM me as I will read them more frequently than thread replies.

Best regards


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First and foremost,

    Do you have the server up and running now?

    What sort of player base do you have? 

    What will your server actually run? ie Exile on Cherno with CUP Weps, and so on (you know what I mean).

and finally,

   What resources do you have in place at the min, ie machine/server spec, server network speeds and throughput.

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