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Why do small traders, i.e. waste dumps, vehicle stores, vehicle customs, etcetera, have god mode, but allow zip-tying? Why do they have god mode enabled at all?  This is unintuitive and confusing. It doesn't tell you that you are entering/leaving a safe zone, like the large trade zones do. Some safe zones (large trade zones) are highlighted while others aren't (small specialized traders). And, nowhere I have looked on the forums says anything about it.


There is a reason you go to the large trade zones...the safe zone. There is a reason you go to the small trade zones...convenience. There is a clear trade off. Player X should be able to camp these zones and prey on an unsuspecting player Y at these smaller zones, due to player Y choosing convenience over security. Player Y should be watching their back for poachers as a trade off for the convenience. Not to mention the tiny odds or indefinite wait player X would have to endure.


Its easily exploitable by veteran players and confusing and unfair to anyone who hasn't already been in a situation where the lack of knowledge of the invisible safe zone has been presented.

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This is something server admins can adjust or change if they feel like it, as well for extra traders etc, it's not really the mod that's the problem, it's the servers you play on then. Never had any of these issues. 

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Yes, looks like the server you play on changes it. This is not the case in vanilla Exile :( 

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