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So I was reading the latest ACEREP and they referred to a thing they might use in future version of ACE3. The "thing" is called Intercept and it sounds quite interesting. 


 ”Intercept“ as the project is called aims to significantly decrease the time it takes for the commands to reach the underlaying engine. The way it does it is by hooking into the game engine itself and calling the scripting commands on the engine level thus circumventing the SQF interpreter. 

Thats a quote from the ACEREP#00004. More information here.


Now could that be useful for Exile regarding compatibility and security and also overall performance?


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Devs are well aware of Intercept, well atleast Grimm is anyways.

has it own issues and by its nature is very hacky solution.

In order for it work you need to to constantly do callExtension to block arma engine.
So when Intercept calls an engine function (that might or might not be thread safe) or when it writes to the memory (while arma is reading that memory), it doesn't crash arma.
You are also completely at the mercy of an arma update / perf build changing data structures around breaking stuff.


Also goodluck trying to get BIS to fix a problem, if you are directly call arma engine functions & writing to the arma memory.

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