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I created a post on "Are we too silent?" topic about a possible Hook System...

5 hours ago, alexslx said:

I'do love to see a hook system embedded into Exile code so developers can hook and modify current code or add functionality without the need of replacing the entire function file. A good ideia is a Pre/Post function hook so developers can access and change variables before/after the function, because as it is now, you need either modify the code file itself or copy it and use the CustomCodeCfg, but still, you need to replace the entire function which might break when you update your ExileServer version.


And @Eichi replied with:

5 hours ago, Eichi said:

"Stacked Event Handlers" are just a normal event <> observer system in Arma. That has nothing to do with CBA. 

As said, I had the idea in the last Summer already. But I did not do it, since I was unsure what types of events other people would like to have. Also, I fear that the number of wishes will be longer and longer. If you could come up with a solid list (in another thread please), I can re-view it. It is just a couple of lines for us, but saves headache for server owners. Pro.

Then, I'm creating this topic so we can suggest possible "hook points" or "events" for Exile. 

The current events I suggest are:


  • OnPlayerConnect
  • OnPlayerDisconnect
  • OnPlayerDeath
  • OnPlayerSpawn
  • OnPlayerLoadInventory
  • OnPlayerRecvItem
  • OnPlayerGiveItem

Feel free to suggest or criticise the already suggested events. I'll edit this topic later with more events and possible use cases.

Moderators: I'm using three posts as I'll add use cases and more events later. Sorry.


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  • OnLoadAccount
  • OnLoadPlayer
  • OnLoadVehicle
  • OnLoadTerritory
  • OnLoadClan
  • OnLoadContainer
  • OnLoadConstruction
  • OnSaveAccount
  • OnSavePlayer
  • OnSaveVehicle
  • OnSaveTerritory
  • OnSaveClan
  • OnSaveContainer
  • OnSaveConstruction
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  • OnObjectCreate
  • OnObjectDestroy
  • OnObjectRecvDamage
  • OnObjectTryLock
  • OnObjectLock
  • OnObjectTryUnlock
  • OnObjectUnlock
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