[SOLVED] Infistar Issues 0.9.6

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Hi Guys

I've found 2 problems with the new version of infistar (downloaded today):

1. When a normal player goes to the customs trader, the panel to change your PIN appears, then disappears again straight away. Admins work ok
2. When you spawn a vehicle with a PIN on it, it puts the details of what you've spawned and the PIN in chat (for everyone, not just the person spawning it) Ignore this one, this only shows the person you're spawning the vehicle on the pin.


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/* Use IDD White-List ? */ UDW = true;
/* allowedIDDs: Insert IDDs here to prevent them from being closed! */
allowedIDDs[] =
	/* default idds */

	/* exile idds */

	8457,	//
	65431,	//r3f menu fix
	6666,	//Paintshop
	0711,	//Advanced Banking
	5501,5502,5503,5504,5505,5506,5507,	//BRAma Cookbook
	-1339,-1340,	// custom infiSTAR dialogs (some editor & a private chat menu)

	/* main idd - never delete it */


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