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That A-Ha moment

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So here I was, having a time of it trying to add HLC's AK Pack (just love that weapon) and just could not get it to work. A little part of me (tinhat man) was sure some part of the magic formula was not being revealed. To the forums I went and I read and read until I stumbled across a post in regards to adding the class names. Well, no sh**, I did that.....right? Nope. Close, but no cigar. What I was taking as the class name was the title of the pbo minus the pbo. Made sense.....I guess. Now that I knew what I needed, the game was afoot. Using the tools available through Steam, after unpacking the pbo via PBOManager, I unwrapped (??) the bin file, grabbed the class name from the converted bin to cpp (CfgConvert via Steam tools) listed under CfgPathces class hlcweapons_ak (for reference) and there was gold to be had. Now, I do not remember the post nor did I mark it however, that post still gets full credit for that mystery solved. What I'm getting at is thanks to this forum, I have yet to find a server killing error that I could not figure out, period. What this old dog has learned is a boon, and I tip my hat to you all. Even that cranky kid in the corner. Time and patience. Now, I have a pig to add and re-enact a Rambo scene or two.

much appreciated, Red

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