Why don't my old loot positions work?

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With, I edited the config.cpp in exile_server_config.pbo, adding this "#include" line:

class CfgBuildings
#include "CfgBuildings_a2bldgs.h"
	// Castles & Lighthouses & Life Guard Towers

I then added a CfgBuildings_a2bldhs.h file to the pbo. This is the CfgBuildings_a2bldgs.h that I used:

When I try this method with 0.9.6, my server generates a dump file and ends with this:


 6:24:00 Unsupported language English in stringtable

Any idea why this would happen? The .h file linked above works fine in I really don't want to have to create all new loot positions for every A2 building that isn't included. I run Lingor so a lot of the buildings aren't in Exile by default.

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