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How to spawn loot with new Patch


Hello Developers,

So I've merged and listed all buildings for Chernarus with our config.    The buildings defined and added to the existing building list provided with the fresh install are NOT able to spawn loot.  But then there are buildings not even defined on the config (exile_server_config) that are spawning loot.  

My question,  where do we define building loot positions now with the new patch?  the config.cpp inside exile_server_config.pbo is not making any changes to our loot issues.    The format is exactly how the "fresh" install config looks,  so now I am stumped.

here is a fresh install defined building: 


class land_1
        table = "Industrial";
        positions[] = {{14.0977, 9.27832, -5.30631},{-6.3584, 8.4375, -5.30632},{-14.2788, 8.0957, -5.30632}};


Here is how we format our chernarus buildings we want to add:


class Land_i_Barracks_V2_F
    table = "Military";
    positions[] = {{-0.505859, 3.2168, 0.605521}, {-0.601563, 3.07617, 3.9395}, {-11.0234, -2.65625, 0.60552}, {-11.1328, -3.58398, 3.9395}, {-12.377, 0.271484, 3.9395}, {-2.39453, -3.92773, 0.605342}, {-5.09766, -4.89844, 3.93943}, {-8.69922, 3.24414, 3.9395}, {-9.12695, 3.73047, 0.60552}, {10.3711, 3.51367, 0.605521}, {10.6484, 2.85156, 3.9395}, {13.0684, -3.30469, 0.605521}, {13.1934, -3.42383, 3.9395}, {3.28711, -3.98633, 0.605521}, {3.4707, -3.55469, 3.9395}, {6.22852, 3.50391, 3.9395}, {6.39258, 3.05664, 0.605521}};


Yet,  we have a building not even listed in the config.cpp called "Land_Housev_2_T1" that IS IN FACT spawning loot, even though it isn't shown anywhere in our config.cpp.      Seems like building positions are supposed to be pulled from somewhere else now.  please advise.


After working on it all day,  the LOOT started to spawn when I moved all custom placed buildings to server side.  The unfortunately part, was that by doing that... it was pure luck to actually logon.  The server would load the mission file, but you would sit there on the waiting screen until the server disconnected you.


So my answer to original question is "move buildings to server side will make loot spawn"... but now my problem is, why wont my server let anyone in when I move files to server side?   The second I remove the server side scripting for the custom building, the server lets you in.

in the server side PBO,   here is the init. inside the pbo:


diag_log "## Starting Custom Content PBO";

[] execVM "a3_custom\mapcontent\WestBoat.sqf";

diag_log "## Custom Content PBO Loaded";
systemchat("Custom Content PBO Loaded");


and here are the buildings being pulled out of WestBoat.sqf


_objects =
    private ["_object"];
    _object = (_x select 0) createVehicle [0,0,0];
    _object setDir (_x select 2);
    _object setPosATL (_x select 1);
    _object allowDamage false;
    _object enableSimulationGlobal true;
forEach _objects;

Like I said,   doing buildings server side allow loot to spawn the "chance" i get into the server to look.  But unfortunately 99% of the time, the connection times out.  This happened to 40 other players when I reloaded with the server side settings in place, no one could come in the server. 

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The only reason that I can think of that prevents people from joining is that you have an SQF error somewhere in your custom server init. If you manage to have an error in there, the server main thread will not boot completely and thus all login functions are unavailable.

Be aware that all custom objects should be in the initServer.sqf and not inside the init.sqf, as the latter executes on both client and server.

Please check your server RPT for possible script errors. If you cannot find something, then put life-sign diag_logs to figure out where it breaks. For example, like so:

diag_log "A";

if (bla) then {...};

diag_log "B";

_foo = _bar;

diag_log "C";

Milkyway = { _this spawn Milkyway; };

[] spawn Milkyway;

diag_log "D";

That is all I can advise you to do with the given information.

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