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OK I have wasted an entire day and a half trying to figure out how to get my server up and running with exile and mods that I want and so far I haven't even managed to edit the spawn items successfully. 

I am a youtuber and streamer and I could have been making content. I am very, very interested in learning to do this myself however, by the time I have learned to do it there won't be a channel for me to go back to (it's not very big anyway). 

I cannot get my head around this without help I think so, if I paid for someone to set up the server, how much would it cost and how long would it take? I am not sold on this idea but I really need the server working and I seem to be banging my head against  a brick wall trying to figure it out. 

Just write a number below and I will consider it. 

Thanks for looking. 

PS It could be that I have been trying to do this for almost 36 hours and have not really moved from my starting position. Plus I have had no successes. YET. 


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Yeah i am happy to help aswell free of charge... gimme a pm of the times you are on and we can maybe do it over teamspeak... it wont take that long

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Im sort of curious how much would ppl ask to set up Exile server ! i have been trying for a week already with no luck im sort of giving up but still trying. +my upload speed 1.5Mbs are annoying too

Purchased server 1 week ago from "Host Havoc"

Done only custom Exile Map with spawns (replaced as test chernarus buildings to enterable buildings)

But i would like different map:  FSF Al Rayak (and if it is possible replace with enterable buildings)

Deleted/Reinstalled server about 6-7 times cuz couldnt get to work something or messed up and coulnt fix it.

Mods: @CUP_Terrains1.0.1@CUP_Vehicles@CUP_Weapons ; @HAP ; @NATO_Rus_Vehicle@NATO_Rus_Weapons@TRYK's Multi-Play Unifrom's pack

Scripts: Sandstorm, random missions, random AI spawns , revive, etc

Just let me know and ill consider it...

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