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Can't Mount Static Mk30 HMG (pics inside)


On the server i play on they have the VEMF Mission System. I noted that one of the AI's was standing by a Mk30. After I killed the AI's and got the items from the loot crate I went over to the Mk30 just to watch it closer. To my big surprise i was allowed to dismantle the Mk30! I didnt know you could that and was totally happy about it. So i got the two bagpacks (Containing the tripod and the Mk30) into my car and headed home to base.

At home i couldnt wait to assemble and try my new toy. But when i got it assemblet i could not mount it or get in as gunner!? :/ The only option i got was to dismantle the gun. As in the pictures below it didnt work inside my base or outside my base... soo

Is this problem due to the mod itself? Arma 3? the server? or maybe VEMF? 



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