Keep Your Custom Trader(s) Arsenal After Exile Updates

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With the last update to 0.9.46, I decided that I  wanted to keep the inventory for my traders in a separate file, outside of the mpmission config.cpp.  This would allow me to simply move the file after Exile updates, and remove the unneeded code (or comment it out and/or copy any newly added items) from the CfgExileArsenal class in the config.cpp.  Since I use MAS weapons/vehicles, I figured this would be handy and prevent a large copy/paste job from old mission file to new mission file.

I created a new .hpp file named arsenal.hpp.  By all means, name it whatever you want.  In the mpmission folder, after unpacking your mission pbo, open the config.cpp file (notepad++).  Between the two classes, as shown below:

class CfgExileArsenal
	// custom arsenal 
	#include "arsenal.hpp"
	// end	
class CfgExileCustomCode 

...There is a bunch of trader inventory/items listed out line by line.  You'd need to remove, by cutting or copying first, all those lines of items between the opening and closing braces.  It's really a simple process.  Paste what you copied/cut into the new .hpp file you created.  Now save.  Between the opening and closing braces in the config.cpp, simple add:

// custom arsenal 
#include "YourFileNameHere.hpp"
// end	

Save the config.cpp, and repack you mission pbo.

Not a hard process, but requires paying attention to detail...and being able to read.  I found this to be handy and figured I'd share.  Maybe others will find it handy too.

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