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1 hour ago, Riker2335 said:

@Tango5Ni9r if you read the OP and click on the link, there's full installation instructions. This thread appears to now be a place to get the components for the Chernarus version of the static mission that you could replace the Altis files with.

yes sir and that's what I've been asking Ned for ( who is usually extremely AWESOME in helping might I add) I would like a ai mission on Skalisty Island but can't seem to find any help.

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Okay. I'm not going to re-write all of Red_Ned's instructions but hopefully this will help point you in the right direction;

  • firstly, get that add-on from BetterZedThanDead I linked to in the other static mission post
  • Copy/paste each of the Bridge 1, Bridge 2 and Bridge & Castle for Chernarus code sets into separate SQF files in that mod and add those SQF's into the config
  • Copy/paste the mission file code into a new SQF file in the /missions/static/ folder within DMS
  • Edit the config in DMS to include the mission file name like you did for my mission you got working
  • re-pack DMS and the A3_Custom folders
  • Start your server and go check it out..... if it's not there, check your RPT file! :) 

My only other suggestion is that if you're having trouble with the building components side of things, just get that working first... work on getting the mission itself working later.

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having issue with a3_custom. haven't used it since updates to arma 1.68.
when anyone tries to connect to server they're stuck in a pile of dirt.
If I remove the a3_custom from the addons, no problem connecting.

Was just wondering if it still worked since the update. Using it to add an office trader to Altis (sidera trader).
Or if maybe I just screwed something up. Used M3Eden editor to add trader objects, and office trader.
Clicked on M3Editor, Export All, copied and pasted code into new sqf file in a3_custom/mapcontent folder,
and added it to the fn_init.sqf file as:


diag_log "Starting Custom Content PBO";

call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "a3_custom\mapcontent\sideras_office_trader.sqf";


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