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Hey everyone it's come time for donkeypunch to expand into social media outlets and I just don't have the time.

I'm looking for someone (s) to be a part of the growing donkeypunch standard.

Website posts, some social media of the same, promote some videos of the new and custom features.

And just hang out and play if that's your cup of tea. There are many big things going on this year for donekypunch, some are rocking and a few failures, but all in all donkeypunch is here to stay for a long while. We have merged with a few communitions taking over main and updates of servers and some admins, I am just getting the eXileLoneDevs team gathered and already pushing out ideas into actual work and have high hopes for the future of these server owners and their communities as we all can offer very unique custom servers for our communities through the combined effort we are putting forth.

Honestly if anyone here feels they would like to be a part of any of the above mentioned items let me know.

Even if I didn't mention something and you think you can fit that role at either let me know.

We at donkeypunch and XLD are not for profit, we are for the best game play experience for our players and the arma community as a whole.

Have a great week ahead :)


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just replied to a PM, figured it was good enough for this thread:

The question was, what are the requirements?


1. Human with feelings, morals and ethics :) 

2. Community minded, no matter what the intention is to further and help the community and its followers/affiliates

At that point, it would be dependent on what you can bring to the table, what you can offer to us as staff.

could be an exile player / prior admin and can understand the mod and answer questions.

maybe an arma player, can understand and recognize bugs, glitches and possibly be educated in what they are/mean already or find this info out or ask another staff and retain that answer for the future.

Remember DP has a firm stance against P2W and P2P, pay 2 win, pay 2 play. The servers are free to play on and will stay that way, any donations that are received are generous gifts that help keep the server and community alive each and every month.

Should there be anything you got listed above or something I might have missed, let me know ! ;) 


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