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Hoards from RyanZombies

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Hey Guys, Love the mod, community and game but I need some code help please.

Is it possible to spawn a hoard of Zombies on me or a random player?

I'm running InfiStar, RyanZombies, DMS, EXileZ and Sarge's AI which are all excellent and run (Fairly) smoothly together, as random or area triggered events. I'm trying to find a way of spawning a large hoard at a given location or a certain distance from a player (myself or a random clan mate) that I could run occasionally at my discretion.

Sort of:

Player; Twisted

Size of Hoard; 50

Proximity; 150m

The reason is; I had a clan member tell me he wanted more excitement (lol) so to spice things up I was hoping to put him in the middle of a hoard when he least expected it (next time he was busy in a mission or he bitched about the server).

I am a complete computer noob and it's only thanks to you guys and this forum that I've managed to get the server running as well as it does, so; What would the code look like and how would I run it please?

Thanks in advance.




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