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Territories and gang wars

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I'm not sure if this or something similar to this is already in the works, but it would be interesting if you could (for example) affiliate a group, with a gang, and merge together the bases of the gang members into a system of territorial control. Imagine for example that one of the groups on a server finds another group, they decide that they want to begin to "take over" a region of the map, and thus both of their bases now "claim" a region of the map. Within a region, your gang could (for example) get bonuses (similar to bonuses from defending a base) but also do things that you could not do unless you belonged to a gang. 

Now, this becomes especially interesting if you actually display this territorial control on a map, so you could see for example what gang controls what part of the map. Base raiding would not just be something you did to steal assets, but it would actually be a part of territorial control. 

I realize this perhaps isn't the most original of ideas, but it would be cool to have it in Exile nonetheless, and it fits with the theme.

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The clan system is currently in the development process. I personally think that the type or territorial control you're talking about does not work well with exile, because players are usually lone wolf and groups are usually <10 players. Capture the island missions work well when you have a group of 30 or more people working together for a common objective but in exile that level of cooperation is not achieved often, if ever.

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