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[SOLVED] Server's Stuck In Mission Load Loop

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Hey Chris,

Last night between 2am and 6am PST all 3 of my servers stopped working after one of their scheduled restarts.

I had players on my Namalsk server at 2:30am, and they said it was fine. Haven't made any changes to my Chernarus or Taviana server in over a week, and last change I made to my Namalsk server was at 11am yesterday.

I narrowed it down to this line in the description.ext file:

#include "infiSTAR_Exile_AdminMenu.hpp"

If I comment that out, the server loads fine, with it uncommented it causes the mission to restart over and over and over.

I have downloaded the most recent version of infiSTAR as of 2h ago. Updating it to the most recent version didn't fix anything.

I can provide you with anything you need to isolate the cause of this. Just let me know.

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