Help - Kick SetVariableVal (Exile, script Enigma Revive)

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Hello Guys!

Can you help me? This problem is stranger for me, many kicks by setvariableval


Value Restriction #0 "antidupe" = -1 2:1754 Exile_Unit_Player

My setvariableval (I tried regex but not solved):

7 "" !="true" !="false" !="enigmarevivepermitted" !="bleedoutcountdownend" !="[0-9]*" !="[0-9].[0-9]*e\+[0-9]*" !="[0.0-9.9]*" !="[0-9]*e\+[0.0-9.9]*" !="antidupe" !="Exile_Unit_Player" !"[0-9]." !"-[0-9]\s[0-9].\d{4}" !"[0-9]\s[0-9].\d{4}" !"[0-9].\d{4}" !"[0-9].[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]"

Thanks for the help guys :D

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