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Missing mod CG7 and Error: selection end1

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Hi, I'm still working on getting Esseker working with Exile.  I had a vanilla Altis map running fine.  No errors or anything.  So I know I have the proper ports open.  I also now have the most recent CUP_terrains v1.0.1.   My startup line is start "Arma3" /min /wait arma3server.exe -mod=@CUP_Terrains;@Esseker;@exile;Kart;Mark;Heli; -servermod=@exileserver; -config=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2312 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit.  I'm only loading the new CUP_Terrains.  Not maps, units, vehicles, etc.  My server starts but has messages like:

18:33:30 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.


18:33:21 Error: selection end1 missing in memory LOD of model ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_expedice\ind_expedice_2.p3d

But it seems to start OK.  Then I cannot find it by IP in Arma3/Steam and if I try to check server with A3Launcher it says unknown mod CG7.   What is CG7 and where is it coming from?  I did an Internet search and searched both Exile forums but no luck.  

I also commented out the AIA lines and cabuildings_misc lines in exile.esseker.pbo my missions folder since I had been getting messages about their content missing, too.  My Addons[] is:

//        "aia_buildings_config",
//        "aia_misc3_config",
//        "aia_misc_e_config",
//        "aia_desert2_config",
//        "aia_misc_config",
//        "cabuildings_misc",


This is all since I tried to add the Esseker map.   

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please join the a3l discord for support

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