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Correct me if im wrong but you appear to be blocking switchmove animations that are not defined in the client config. Looking through client and server files theres not a whole lot using switchmove and from what switchmove code i can find i've been unable to determine if you have anything i can use to pass custom animations from different mods onto both my player and another player... 

so for example if you do a:

player switchmove "customanimationname";

the result is not the customanimation but instead a default push animation. however if i use playmove or playmove now the animation will work just with out instantly executing the animation. The animations work fine with switchmove outside of exile so something is blocking it....


Do you have any functions i can pass variables to to execute the animation that i might be missing? the ExileClient_object_player_network_switchMoveRequest doesnt seem to do anything from what i've tried (though im no expert coder!)


Tried passing info to it 

didnt do nada :(

[_playerNetID,_unitActionName] call ExileClient_object_player_network_switchMoveRequest;

thanks guys :)


edit: see your post on BI regarding remoteexec but cant figure out how your using it apart from the config list. Question: is it possible to redefine the config animation list from say the missionfile config or description.ext?


Edit #2: Since we cant respond to answers given - I understand that your using the switchmoverequest.sqf as the alternative to bis_fnc_mp (other mods have done the same) my question was more around is something else within exile blocking switchmoves that arent defined in your client config.bin as im porting a script i have working within other mods using similar alternatives to your switchmoverequest and  on them it works fine. As soon as I dont run exilemod, the switchmove works correctly (yes i know its local - I have in the past used public variables to send the info between the client and others nearby to see the animation but attempting the same in exile doesnt seem to be working.) Im just wondering whether passing the information to the switchmove request from the player like this --- [_playerNetID,_unitActionName] call ExileClient_object_player_network_switchMoveRequest; is the correct method or are you catching every switchmove on a client automatically and passing that across the server?

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It is technically not possible to change the behaviour of switchMove. Modders cannot do that.

As switchMove only has a local effect, we have implemented ExileClient_object_player_network_switchMoveRequest to fire that on all clients.

If your animation does not play, be sure you use the right function. Arma can be very confusing if you do not know the difference between switchMove, playMove, playMoveNow, playGesture etc.

As far as I know, you cannot add new animations in a mission file :( 

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