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Override random weather at specific times for full moon / clear nights

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I'd like to override the Exile random weather script and force clear skies between 10pm and 4 am on Namalsk. Any idea how? 

Something like: If time = or greater than 22 and  then weather =__________.

I have no idea where this would  need to be added or exactly how to script it. I just want clear full moon nights that dont require nvgs on Namalsk.

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for the time and in ExileServer\addons\exile_server_config the config.cpp is some stuff about the weather


    class Weather
            You can define multiple "keyframes" for the weather to change. The server will pick
            a keyframe randomly to simulate the weather. It will change the weather-keyframes
            based on the following interval
        interval = 30;

            Add the keyframes here. The server will pick one random, so if you want one
            weather type of be more dominant compared to others, add it multiple times
        keyframes[] = {"Sunny", "Cloudy", "Thunderstorm"};

            This is a keyframe. Look up the BIKI to get more details about the parameters

            Be sure to design the fog settings at a view distance of 1,600m as this is the
            limit in multiplayer by default

        class Sunny
            fogValue = 0.1;
            fogDecay = 0.2;
            fogBase = 5;
            overcast = 0.2;
            waves = 0.2;
            wind = 0.25;
            gusts = 0.1;
            rain = 0;
            lightnings = 0;
            rainbows = 0;


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