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2nd headless client

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So I am running FuMS and A3XAI. FuMS requires an HC and A3XAI supports one. Id like to off load FuMS to HC1, and A3XAI to HC2.  Now I have managed to figure this out some what but there is still one issue. 

So I can force HC1 to not be offloaded to by A3XAI because it doesnt have the @A3XAI_HC start up parameters. So for A3XAI, I can always FORCE HC2 to be used. The problem comes in with FuMS.  

If I start my game server, then start HC1, FuMS offloads the AI computations to it just fine. Then I start HC2 for A3XAI to use. The problem is FuMS then switches, and starts using HC2.  Now, I guess this really isn't a HUGE problem as HC1 and HC1 are on the same dedicated server, different from the actual game server, thus they are using the same CPU. But, does anyone know if there is a way to FORCE FuMS to use a specific HC if you have multiple HCs?

Now you may ask why not just run the one HC for both A3XAI and FuMS. I tried that and it seems that if A3XAI gets a hold of the HC first, FuMS won't offload to it. Thats not the case if it happens the other way around and FuMS gets the HC first, A3XAI still will use it. 


I may be going about this completely wrong, and if so, please enlighten me!!   and I can keep it going like it is I guess. Right now, I'm running two dedicated servers. Server 1 has two game servers running on it. Both are heavily modded. Server two has 4 HC's running on it, 2 for each server.  Everything running, with around 7k objects in the DB, Im cruising at around 45-50 server FPS. So this is working, I just dont like the idea of FuMS switching over to the other HC. =(


Ive tried and tried. Every time the 2nd HC connects FuMS switches to it. My worry is that when a restart happens, if the HC for A3XAI connects first, FuMS won't start up. 

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Not sure if you ever found a solution, but I am having the same issue. I'm in the midst of trying this solution, but I'm almost certain it will work. This piece of baseserver.sqf may be of interest to you:



        // ActiveThemes
        // A folder matching the names below needs to exist in the ..\Themes folder.
        // use this block to easily turn off/on your various mission sets.
        // -1 = all HC's.  0= Server only,  1=1st HC to connect, 2=2nd, etc.
        //  Note: Server option not currenty operational.
    //   ["Admin",-1],
      // ["Test",-1], //Remove this theme if on a production server.
	//  ["Zombies",-1],
    //  ["HeloPatrols",-1], // 2 sets of 3 armed helo's patrol the skys!!!      
    //  ["SEM",-1], // basic old school Arma2 Epoch encounters
   ["TownRaid",-1], // random town is raided by 4 truck loads of humans!
    ["Small",-1],  // 6 man groups invade a random village
  // ["Aquatic",-1], // 3 coastal areas w/ boats and ai   
  //   ["Convoy",-1], // 2 random convoys of 3 vehicles move across the map.
  ["StaticSpawns",-1], // creates 10 Dayz style Helo crashes at random locations.
    //    ["Jurassic",-1], // creates 3 encounters with wondering Raptors and some scattered loot.
  // ["Captive", -1], // Mission in which 7 hostages must be rescued from the humans within 30minutes while fending off paradropped reinforcemnets.
	["RoadBlock_Pato",-1] // Concept based upon missions from Pato!

Note the part that says "-1 = all HC's. 0 = server only,...." etc.

My solution (which I'll report back if it works) is to set all the missions to "1" so it will start on the first HC to connect only. Then I will use a wait in the batch file that starts up the A3XAI HC, to make sure it connects second. If this code works the way it says it does, then FuMS will only connect to the first one, and the second one will have @A3XAI in the startup parameters, so it will HAVE to start on that one.


It makes sense in theory. Let's hope it works.

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